Sunday, March 29, 2015

Biyahe biyahe

Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy Graduation!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

This is a pointless box

Sunday, March 1, 2015

I am Sister Hancock and I am a mormon

To my beloved family,

How is it going.  I hope you are all doing amazing.  Life with my new companion is great.  Being companions with you batch is an amazing thing.  It is really fun and we already were friends before we were companions so things have been going great.  It has probably been on of the most smoothest transition into a companion that I have ever had.  But just so you get to know her a little her name is sister Holmes, and her family lives in Cedar hills, utah.  Her major in college is she is the logistic person in stage manage or something like that.  But anyways she got to go to china with BYU for their play so that is cool.

As for other new this week we probably did our most productive CSP ever (generally CSP here invovle a lot of waiting).  I am sending picture from it.  As well we got to see the elders in our ward's baptism.  It was really great AND the decided just before it started to ask us to do a special music number.  But suprisingly even though we didn't practice, and there was no piano or anything like that of any kind, I wasn't nervous.  I have decided that my mission has gotten rid of any people fear that I have ever had.  Because missions put you in so many funny situation, and you deal with the situation in your 2nd language.  It a great thing.  

As well Mina came to church again this week.  It is really really cool to see the gospel touch her life because she is rougher around the edges, but she alway read, and really really wants to learn the gospel.  And she was telling me the other day that no matter who is at the church and what missionaries are assign she is going to keep going to church everyday.  She really wants to change here life.  As well Daphney accepted a IBD for april 4 so we are really praying that she make that date.

Well I think that is all the updates for my corner of life over here in bogo.  I hope that you are all doing well.  I love you all so very much!  Stay strong in the gospel and it will benefit all other aspects of your life.

Love you,

Sister Hancock

P.S.  The first picture is from last week of me eating balut.  The the second picture is a failure of a selfie from the CSP.  The white one it that picture is my companion.  The other one are my house mates