Monday, June 22, 2015

Till we meet again

Monday, June 15, 2015

2nd to last email???

Dear family,

I wrote that header to make you all aware that this is my second to last email, so if you have any last word before I go home you better write them next week haha.

But it has been a pretty crazy week over here on my end.  First off on Wednesday my companion fainted and then had to go to the hospital.  I was on the phone for a long time with Sister Tanner because we didn't know what to do if someone faints.  Anyways we tried to arouse her but couldn't so we had to take her to the hospital which was interesting because the elders had to come over and carry her into a tricycle.  Well we got there and everything was fine with her, she just still wouldn't arouse. Finally she woke up and I talked with her and she thinks she fainted because of stress.  So we went home she slept and then has been fine ever since.

Also this week we had interviews with the president.  I had an interesting interview, we mostly just talked about ways to increase our love for god, because he wants the mission to follow the rules because of their love for god.  I learned a lot, it was great.

Then on Saturday we had a CSP.  We cleaned out a forest so that a member could plant banana trees there.  It was hard dirty work haha, but it was also fun.

Then this Sunday we had a cool multi-stake conference thing.  Anyways they had a lot of different general authority speakers from Utah and different parts of the Philippines.  It was kind of cool how they did it because it was all live video broadcast.  It was really cool and really specific to the Philippines.

Then today was great because I went to Chocolate hills, I saw tarshiers and I went to loboc river.  I felt like a tourist today haha.  But the chocolate hills were super amazing.  Loboc river was just an all you can eat place on a ferry ride and they did cultural dances and things like that. I learned how to tinikling.  The tarchiers were really ugly which was disappointing, but fun as well.

Anyways that has been my week.  I love you all and hope you are doing great.

Sister Hancock

Monday, June 8, 2015

Suprises pa?

Dear family,

Well there comes a time in every missionaries life, when they think they figure out where they are going to die, and then shabam, emergency transfer.  Yup I emergency transfer.  I was told this Thursday during ZTM by my mission president that he need my help with one of the sister, and then Friday I got transferred to tagbilaran 1, which is just the next district over.  I will spend 3 weeks in my last area, that is kind of crazy.  I was really sad to leave baclayon because I feel in love with it really fast and Sister Larona and I got a long really well, we were best friends, and then 2 weeks later I transfered.

  My new companions is Sister Cruz a filipina who lives close to manila.  She is a nice girl.  And the area seems good as well.  I still feel really lost in the area because I have only worked there 3 days, But the branch seems helpful.  Um ya I don't really have a lot to say about the area because I still a little bit confused about it, but every seems nice here so that is good.

And far as other thing I have been working on the logistics of going home, like signing papers, getting x-rays (apparently I have sclerosis, who would have guessed haha?), and other fun things.  

Well I love you all.  I hope you all party it up for the next 3 weeks, before I see you in person, crazy!


Sister Hancock 

Sunday, May 31, 2015

What a Week

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Padayon Baclayon

Dear family,

Updates for my new and last area/ companion.   Well the past few days have been really good.  First I am assigned in baclayon, which has a really small branch that meets in this really crazily decorated house.  (Don't worry this time it isn't in our house.)  I will see if I can send pictures.  The area is really like forestry  and we have to hike to get to some of the houses hear, and I a mean legit hiking.  It is fun though. It is also good because we are really close to tagbilaran city, which at least for me is a big city.  My companion thinks it is really small, but she is from manila so whatever.

As for my companion, sister Larona, she is from lagona, which is close to manila.  She is a really happy fun person, and will probably be one of my favorite companions.  She keeps me laughing a lot, and makes the work fun which is great.

Other then that... Well the branch seems good, I have a lot of friends that are in tagbilaran zone... Ya I don't really know what else to update you on.  But I am happy and excited to finish the last part of my mission here.

Anyways that is all for me.  I love you all.  

Sister Hancock

Friday, May 22, 2015

Catholic Convent

Dear family,

I hope you all are doing well.  Why catholic convent you ask?  Well that is an interesting story.   We ended up having a dinner appointment in a catholic convent (which I had no idea they actually existed, but the do.)  We were invited to lunch at this on place and ended up meeting the catholic priest there and became friend with him because he is a really really nice guy.  Anyways and the end of the lunch he drove up to our church for a meeting and we ended up giving him a tour of the church, then he invited us to have a tour at the catholic church.  So we asked our president if we could and he said it would be a great idea.  So we did, and we ate dinner at it was really interesting.  It is really rare that that type of thing happen because priest here are like royalty so when we told the member they were super shock.  But it was a cool experience.

Other then that Marciana got baptized!  Wahoo.  It is cool because she has had threat of having to leave her house, and her husband getting mad at her, but it was cool and it all worked out in the end and she is a baptized member who is really excited to go to the temple with the branch May 30.

Lets see, other things that have happened..  We had MLC which is always fun.  One thing that was the focus was change the way we count stats to fit PMG more, because here a lot of people don't count people as a new investigator until they are a progress investigator, so they told us to count it is you teach and have an appointment like PMG says.

Other then that we did a mini MLC with the youth this week, so we had to move our ZTM to a different day.  The mini MLC was fun, we just got them excited about being missionaries and then they went out and gave out book of mormons with us.  I think they were all really excited about it.

Anyways that is all for me, it has literally been such a crazy last week.  Oh and as well I am transfering to Tagbilaran Zone in bohol and I have a filipina for a companion.  It should be a good last transfer.  I am excited.

Anyways I love you all, even if you don't write me email;). Haha have a good week.

Sister hancock

P.S. The first one is the catholic convent, the second one is Marciana's baptism

Monday, May 4, 2015

Week of Weeks

Dear Family,

Well it has been an interesting week.  Full of sickness and Elder Ardern (which was sakit gihapon... good humor is wasted on the ignorant).  But ya I got sick at the beginning of the week, but it was fine because I just got sick during Elder Arderns conferences for us (there was one conference on Tuesday for just the sister training leaders and zone leaders and then one conference on Wednesday for the mission.)  I was a little hazy during it, so I can't report fully how it went, which is fun because when I wasn't hazy haha it was a lot of chastisement, which isn't always fun to listen too. So yeah, I am kind of fine that it was those two days that I was sick, plus I was sitting down in AC all day so that really helped my sickness.  Also those always make me really grateful for my mission president.  He is seriously the best most christlike person ever.

Then Sister Holmes unfortunately caught my sickness and so work wasn't too fun this week, and she couldn't go out and work on Sunday (which I am very shocked that all of you knew about that paciou fight (excuse my spelling), since when do you guys all watch boxing?)  But despite that we still saw blessings this week.  Marciana has moved back into our area (sometimes the philippines is really funny), so she should get baptized next week.  The klong-klong (Mina's brother) came to church again even though their was paciou fight.  And he told us he wouldn't haha.  And he has accepted a baptismal date and keeps telling everyone he is almost mormon.  Right now we are just working on the word of wisdom with him which will be hard.  And then we taught Roldan and his wife. His wife wants to be baptized and they came to church this Sunday.  There is a lot of work to do with them, but brother roldan wanted us to come "at least 3 times a week apparently" haha.

Then the story you have all been waiting for, hopefully you all got the picture.  FLOR IS BAPTIZED!!!  Just in case you guys forgot about her, she is probably the first investigator I have ever taught.  I have taught her the whole time I have been in Bogo, which is really unusual, at least for me anyways.  But she was so hard to drop, I just could never let myself do it because she was always sooo close.  Anyways she was taught 30 years ago (missionaries haven't been teaching her 30 years straight, but anyways she has known its true for 30 years).  She just didn't feel ready or worthy to be baptized, but she finally made the decision and made all the sacrifices she had to make and then she was so cute on Saturday because she should up 4 hours early and she "just didn't understand her feeling", she felt nervous and excited, and the she said when she was baptized all those feeling washed away and she just felt happy.  Then I was talking to her at church and she said she couldn't sleep that night because she was just so happy thinking about her membership in the church.  She is great, and wants to do all her family history, and is determined to endure to the end.

Anways that is all for me as well.  I love you all!  Have a great week!

Sister Hancock

Monday, April 27, 2015

Email na pod?

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Init gihapon.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Dear Family,

Hows life?  Hows america?  How is everything?

I am doing well.  This week has been good, although mostly my report will probably be about conference because there haven't been much changes in my life.  I love conference, it was great.  Watching it as a missionary is the best thing ever!  I love Uchdorfe talk because it probably was the one that called me to repentance the most.  But he is great, I love our prophet and apostale.  Also I don't know about there, but we didn't get any kind of translation for the spanish talk so mostly we just laugh and I tried to pick out bisaya words.  I think spanish stole some words from bisaya ;).  I guess bisaya is just the best language.

As well Flor and Marciana came to conference!  I don't think marciana liked it very much because it was all in english... but I tried to translate somethings for her and help out.  But she was really really excited to see the prophets and the apostles (oh man I am so mix up because I spelt this word in bisaya, I can't speak straight english, literally).  Flor is doing great, her live in partner is still gone, and if all things go according to plan the should both be baptize on May 2nd which will be great.  Also Mina is still coming to church and we started teaching her brother who is not a member who is ver "discontent" with his religion right now.  Other then that recently we have been finding some really good investigators, so it has been really really good. 

Other then that my life is the same because I am with the same companion in the same area, and I am really happy.  Life is going really well for me.  I hope you guys are great, sorry it is a short one, but it has only been 4 days since my last one haha, I love you all.

Sister Hancock

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Semana Santa

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Biyahe biyahe

Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy Graduation!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

This is a pointless box

Sunday, March 1, 2015

I am Sister Hancock and I am a mormon

To my beloved family,

How is it going.  I hope you are all doing amazing.  Life with my new companion is great.  Being companions with you batch is an amazing thing.  It is really fun and we already were friends before we were companions so things have been going great.  It has probably been on of the most smoothest transition into a companion that I have ever had.  But just so you get to know her a little her name is sister Holmes, and her family lives in Cedar hills, utah.  Her major in college is she is the logistic person in stage manage or something like that.  But anyways she got to go to china with BYU for their play so that is cool.

As for other new this week we probably did our most productive CSP ever (generally CSP here invovle a lot of waiting).  I am sending picture from it.  As well we got to see the elders in our ward's baptism.  It was really great AND the decided just before it started to ask us to do a special music number.  But suprisingly even though we didn't practice, and there was no piano or anything like that of any kind, I wasn't nervous.  I have decided that my mission has gotten rid of any people fear that I have ever had.  Because missions put you in so many funny situation, and you deal with the situation in your 2nd language.  It a great thing.  

As well Mina came to church again this week.  It is really really cool to see the gospel touch her life because she is rougher around the edges, but she alway read, and really really wants to learn the gospel.  And she was telling me the other day that no matter who is at the church and what missionaries are assign she is going to keep going to church everyday.  She really wants to change here life.  As well Daphney accepted a IBD for april 4 so we are really praying that she make that date.

Well I think that is all the updates for my corner of life over here in bogo.  I hope that you are all doing well.  I love you all so very much!  Stay strong in the gospel and it will benefit all other aspects of your life.

Love you,

Sister Hancock

P.S.  The first picture is from last week of me eating balut.  The the second picture is a failure of a selfie from the CSP.  The white one it that picture is my companion.  The other one are my house mates

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Transfer Week Again?

Dear family,

Well sister Lange is officially on her way headed to tokyo.  She is gone.  And I haven't had a companion since sunday which made my life interesting, but before we get into details, transfer news please.  Drum rolllll............. I am staying in bogo, Wahoo!!!!  And my new companion is Sister Holmes!!!! She is actually my batch (which means we were in the MTC the same time for those of you who haven't served missions).  I am excited I have never been companions with my batch before, I should be fun.  I will definitely let you know how it goes.  (its funny though, I don't know it anyone elses mission president did this, but our mission president never ceases to surprise us every transfer, he throws in some curve ball, such as me being in a quadpanionship.)

As far as my week.  Well first sister Lange wanted do things such as EAT 18 DAY BALUT.  So after persuation I join in with here.  I have really gross pictures of it, but unfortunately I forgot my converter.  I will try and send it next week.  Last time (a year ago)  I only ate 16 day, but this time it was the brain and feathers and all.

We also ate cheese Ice cream which both of us have been avioding since day 1 of our missions, but it actually wasn't that bad.  I was quite enjoyable, who would have guessed?

Then we also had a new senior couple arrive here in bogo and a new one leaving.  They gave a fireside which was really good.  Also if you all know of any senior couples wanting to serve a mission, let them know my mission president would love to have them.  I think he is stressed about the idea of having elders in the office, which we just barely had to move elders in the office.

On sunday guess who came to church?  Daphney!  We were really happy, hopefully she continues to come.  Also Mina, a less active who hasn't come to church in 30 yrs cames to church.

This week I was really blessed as well because I was able to find someone to work with me everyday that sister Lange was gone which was nice because our area could get worked in.

Other then that I am great.  The church is true and life is good.

Love you all,

Sister Hancock

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Meetings and more

Dear family,

It has been a really great week, but it honestly been the week that I have worked the least in my whole mission.  But I learned a lot.  First we had MLC this week, so we traveled to liloan monday morning and it was awesome because I got to see all of my mission friend who are either assign close to their or are STLs. So I caught up with all of them then we had our meeting that night and then we slept at sister sears and sister mcCurdys house.  Then tuesday we had MLC.  Both the meeting and MLC related to practice teaching, which made me feel guilty because I was awful at it, but I am repenting now and we are really diligent at practice teaching.  It is also very american because we meet in their house (and they literally have the nicest mission house) and we eat american food and use ovens, its amazing.  After MLC president surprised us by telling all the far away missionaries that they could go to the temple (because we were all stay there to see elder bowen).  It was great.  I love the temple.  I just love it.  Especially the cebu one.  Then wednesday Elder Bowen came, which was good and I learned a lot.  I also said goodbye to my companions that are going home, which was sad but also good.

Thursday and friday sister Lange stayed in liloan for her passport papers so I was just planning to work with ward missionaries, but then one of the sister that lives with us got sick, so I end up just watching her. Oh and I also taught ZTM by my self, that was... interesting haha, but the message was delivered and that all that matters.  So half-way through friday, saturday and sunday we worked.  It was good, it made me miss work, and I was very glad to be back.  Working just feels good.

Well that has been my life the last week. It was crazy, but quite enjoyable.  I just love those type of events though because I love see my mission friends and catching up with people.

Anway I love you all so much.  I hope you have amazing days.  Love you,

Sister Hancock

PS: one picture is at MLC  and then the other one is my companion who I just realized that I haven't sent any pictures of.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Greetings from consolacion

Guess what I am in consolacion right now.  In my old area actually.  I got emergency transfered.  Haha just kidding, I am just here for MLC, because we have the sisters meeting later tonight in liloan and the MLC tomorrow.  We are going to be here soooo long because after that we have the young men general president or something coming to talk to us on wednesday.  Which means lot of sleep, and our area not getting worked at all, but I am excited because it will be fun.  Also I am pretty much saying good bye to all of my old companions because this will probably be the last time I will see them, except sister sears and sister mccurdy extended, and are companions hahah so I might see them again.  But anyways there will be plenty of pictures to follow.
As far as news to report this week...  Well, first we went on splits with san rem this week.  I was good becaust they have been having some hard times lately, but it was good to be able to help them.  I went on splits with sister Melano.  It funny, I almost always go on splits with filipinas and I always feel like they are twenty gazillion time better then me at everything, because they actually know the language.  Its a great learning experience for me, i am pretty sure they don't learn anything though haha.
Flor came to church this week, wahoo.  She told us actually that she had missionarys teach her clear back in 85, but droped her and others find her and then redrop her, up until we found her.  She talked about how she knows its true she just still hasn't been baptized.  We don't know what she is waiting for, but we will see.
As far as other things, my companion is as trunky as every.  Haha just kidding, I don't think it has hit her yet that she is going home.  She is doing great though.  Our area is doing great.  I love all three strees of it just as much as ever.  I am happy and hope you all are happy.
I love you all so very much and am praying for you.
Love you,

Sister Hancock

Monday, January 26, 2015

unsa man na oy?

Dear family,

We had a solid last week.  We were really blessed with being able to teach a lot of people this week so we broke both my companion and I record of most lessons taught this week.  It was solid and extremely exhuasting, but you know it is awesome to have an oppurtunity to share the gospel so much.

So I have a few funny stories for you guys.  The first one is yesterday we taught a less active who I don't think has every been taught before, at least she doesn't have a record.  Anyways she was a really honest funny person.  We had some of the young women working with us and one of them was talking and said "god sees everything I do", and she interrupted her and responded "he sees me when I pee?!"  And I was very unmissionary like and started cracking up and whereas the young women that was with us just stared in horror.  But that might be a story you just have to be there to think it was funny.  Then as well we were teaching this other lesson, and the family had the cutest mice that lived in their house, and mice don't really get me any more (or so I thought), so we just admired for a little bit and the when back to teaching.  A little later on the mice ended up moving right under my foot and then when somebody pointed it out I freaked out a little, because if I had moved my foot even a tiny bit I would have step on it.  The filippinos didn't understand why I was freaking out but I hope I am talking to an audience that gets me.

Other then that we went with splits with our kabalay (or people who live in the same house) this week, they are also assign in our same branch and want to hear a crazy story?  So they are both tongan, one of them her parents are from tongan but she actually grew up in nevada, they other one grew up in tonga. Anyways after little bit, they found out they were actually cousins.  How crazy right?  Finding your long lost cousin in the mission field.  If their is any long lost cousins I might have let me know so I can look for them.

Oh as well I found out my RC krisha in lapu-lapu, she works at a call center, and she ended up talking to one of my uncles.  If anyone could let me know which uncle that is that would be great, just because I am really curious.

Anyway I love you all.  I hope life is good and you all have good health and are happy. love you so much,

Sister Hancock

Friday, January 23, 2015

Life of a missionary

Dear Family,

I hope you all had an excellent past few days.  Mine have been good.  I got my new companion, Sister Lange.  She is really smart and super good at bisaya.  She is from california and went to BYU before her mission and is planning to major in education.  So mostly these past few days have been filled with getting to know hern adjusting to different teaching styles, teaching her the area, teaching her how to be and STL, introducing her to people and all those fun things.  Which sometimes can be exhausting but she is smart so it all went very smoothly which was great.

Also the past few days have been kind of interesting because the pope came here (so there where like catholic parades in the street and I can't even tell you how many times the pope got brought up in conversations), there was sinulog so everyone went to cebu city (not the island) to either worship or, it they weren't catholic, to sell things there.  I don't actually know what sinulog is, but I saw a lot of picture of it before my mission and it seemed kind of cool.  Then we had a storm, so they streets were a lot more empty the normals.  We did a lot more wandering, and our umbrellas might have broken because of the wind, but you know its all in the life of a missionary.

But other then that life has been good.  Tecy on of our less active who was a seminary and institute teach came to church this sunday which was great.  When she saw me she said "I am here now" and then laughed.

Life is good, I am happy, and this church really is true.  I love you all so much, thank you all for your wonderful examples to me.  I hope you are all doing amazing!

Sister Hancock