Friday, May 22, 2015

Catholic Convent

Dear family,

I hope you all are doing well.  Why catholic convent you ask?  Well that is an interesting story.   We ended up having a dinner appointment in a catholic convent (which I had no idea they actually existed, but the do.)  We were invited to lunch at this on place and ended up meeting the catholic priest there and became friend with him because he is a really really nice guy.  Anyways and the end of the lunch he drove up to our church for a meeting and we ended up giving him a tour of the church, then he invited us to have a tour at the catholic church.  So we asked our president if we could and he said it would be a great idea.  So we did, and we ate dinner at it was really interesting.  It is really rare that that type of thing happen because priest here are like royalty so when we told the member they were super shock.  But it was a cool experience.

Other then that Marciana got baptized!  Wahoo.  It is cool because she has had threat of having to leave her house, and her husband getting mad at her, but it was cool and it all worked out in the end and she is a baptized member who is really excited to go to the temple with the branch May 30.

Lets see, other things that have happened..  We had MLC which is always fun.  One thing that was the focus was change the way we count stats to fit PMG more, because here a lot of people don't count people as a new investigator until they are a progress investigator, so they told us to count it is you teach and have an appointment like PMG says.

Other then that we did a mini MLC with the youth this week, so we had to move our ZTM to a different day.  The mini MLC was fun, we just got them excited about being missionaries and then they went out and gave out book of mormons with us.  I think they were all really excited about it.

Anyways that is all for me, it has literally been such a crazy last week.  Oh and as well I am transfering to Tagbilaran Zone in bohol and I have a filipina for a companion.  It should be a good last transfer.  I am excited.

Anyways I love you all, even if you don't write me email;). Haha have a good week.

Sister hancock

P.S. The first one is the catholic convent, the second one is Marciana's baptism

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