Monday, June 22, 2015

Till we meet again

Monday, June 15, 2015

2nd to last email???

Dear family,

I wrote that header to make you all aware that this is my second to last email, so if you have any last word before I go home you better write them next week haha.

But it has been a pretty crazy week over here on my end.  First off on Wednesday my companion fainted and then had to go to the hospital.  I was on the phone for a long time with Sister Tanner because we didn't know what to do if someone faints.  Anyways we tried to arouse her but couldn't so we had to take her to the hospital which was interesting because the elders had to come over and carry her into a tricycle.  Well we got there and everything was fine with her, she just still wouldn't arouse. Finally she woke up and I talked with her and she thinks she fainted because of stress.  So we went home she slept and then has been fine ever since.

Also this week we had interviews with the president.  I had an interesting interview, we mostly just talked about ways to increase our love for god, because he wants the mission to follow the rules because of their love for god.  I learned a lot, it was great.

Then on Saturday we had a CSP.  We cleaned out a forest so that a member could plant banana trees there.  It was hard dirty work haha, but it was also fun.

Then this Sunday we had a cool multi-stake conference thing.  Anyways they had a lot of different general authority speakers from Utah and different parts of the Philippines.  It was kind of cool how they did it because it was all live video broadcast.  It was really cool and really specific to the Philippines.

Then today was great because I went to Chocolate hills, I saw tarshiers and I went to loboc river.  I felt like a tourist today haha.  But the chocolate hills were super amazing.  Loboc river was just an all you can eat place on a ferry ride and they did cultural dances and things like that. I learned how to tinikling.  The tarchiers were really ugly which was disappointing, but fun as well.

Anyways that has been my week.  I love you all and hope you are doing great.

Sister Hancock

Monday, June 8, 2015

Suprises pa?

Dear family,

Well there comes a time in every missionaries life, when they think they figure out where they are going to die, and then shabam, emergency transfer.  Yup I emergency transfer.  I was told this Thursday during ZTM by my mission president that he need my help with one of the sister, and then Friday I got transferred to tagbilaran 1, which is just the next district over.  I will spend 3 weeks in my last area, that is kind of crazy.  I was really sad to leave baclayon because I feel in love with it really fast and Sister Larona and I got a long really well, we were best friends, and then 2 weeks later I transfered.

  My new companions is Sister Cruz a filipina who lives close to manila.  She is a nice girl.  And the area seems good as well.  I still feel really lost in the area because I have only worked there 3 days, But the branch seems helpful.  Um ya I don't really have a lot to say about the area because I still a little bit confused about it, but every seems nice here so that is good.

And far as other thing I have been working on the logistics of going home, like signing papers, getting x-rays (apparently I have sclerosis, who would have guessed haha?), and other fun things.  

Well I love you all.  I hope you all party it up for the next 3 weeks, before I see you in person, crazy!


Sister Hancock