Monday, January 26, 2015

unsa man na oy?

Dear family,

We had a solid last week.  We were really blessed with being able to teach a lot of people this week so we broke both my companion and I record of most lessons taught this week.  It was solid and extremely exhuasting, but you know it is awesome to have an oppurtunity to share the gospel so much.

So I have a few funny stories for you guys.  The first one is yesterday we taught a less active who I don't think has every been taught before, at least she doesn't have a record.  Anyways she was a really honest funny person.  We had some of the young women working with us and one of them was talking and said "god sees everything I do", and she interrupted her and responded "he sees me when I pee?!"  And I was very unmissionary like and started cracking up and whereas the young women that was with us just stared in horror.  But that might be a story you just have to be there to think it was funny.  Then as well we were teaching this other lesson, and the family had the cutest mice that lived in their house, and mice don't really get me any more (or so I thought), so we just admired for a little bit and the when back to teaching.  A little later on the mice ended up moving right under my foot and then when somebody pointed it out I freaked out a little, because if I had moved my foot even a tiny bit I would have step on it.  The filippinos didn't understand why I was freaking out but I hope I am talking to an audience that gets me.

Other then that we went with splits with our kabalay (or people who live in the same house) this week, they are also assign in our same branch and want to hear a crazy story?  So they are both tongan, one of them her parents are from tongan but she actually grew up in nevada, they other one grew up in tonga. Anyways after little bit, they found out they were actually cousins.  How crazy right?  Finding your long lost cousin in the mission field.  If their is any long lost cousins I might have let me know so I can look for them.

Oh as well I found out my RC krisha in lapu-lapu, she works at a call center, and she ended up talking to one of my uncles.  If anyone could let me know which uncle that is that would be great, just because I am really curious.

Anyway I love you all.  I hope life is good and you all have good health and are happy. love you so much,

Sister Hancock

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