Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year/ One Year

Dear family,
I hope you all had an amazing new years and that is was full of snacks and fireworks and fun times.  Don't worry mine was quite enjoyable as well.  And also does anyone actually believe that I have hit my one year mark, because I sure don't.  Time has absolutely flown by, it is terrifying.  But when I reflect on how much I have learn over the course of my mission it really is incredible.  Missions really are the most amazing things.  I am extremely grateful that god has given me this past one year to serve him in such and incredible way.  I have seen a lot of miracles, but the miracl e that I am most grateful for is the change I have seen in my self.  The sacrifice of the mission is far worth the many blessings you receive.  Those who aren't married should definitely go on one *cough tyson, brianna, max.
But its been a really good week.  As I talk to you all early, in this area we really focus on Less Active.  We had a meeting with our ward and found out their are a total of 775 member in this branch, but we only have a sacrament attendance of 130.  It shows just how important our role as members are, that we fellowship other members and really help each other continue on.  It was really cool this week because one of our less actives, who used to be the branch president then after he was released went less active, came to church.  He is super gahi (I don't know what a good describer word for that is in english) and was known for pretending to sleep when we came to teach him.  One of the members in our ward came went to his house this week, and that is why he came to church.  You have no idea what kind of effect you as members can have.  Keep helping with the hasten of the work.
Other then that we went on splits again this week, and had to travel really far to get there, but it was good to be able to help those sister, as well we are currently in liloan because we have an STL meeting tonight, and then we have MLC  tomorrow.  I heard MLC is way fun, so I am excited to go.
I love you all.  Keep being amazing people and amazing examples to others.
Sister Hancock

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