Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Another one bites the dust

Dear my beloved family,

Well another transfer has come and passed, bringing with it many memoriess and many laughs.  We recieved transfer calls again and with it brought some tragic news.  My beloved companion is transfering, to my old area haha.  My new companion will be Sister Lange.  This is her last transfer, so I will be killing another one.  I told my companion my personality must have gotten really bad to kill three in a row. Just kidding.  But that means I will most likely be staying in this area for at least 3 transfers, which makes me really happy because I love this area.

So to answer the request of my beloved father, I will be going more into depth what STL's do.  It probably changes from mission to mission because its not a super set thing, but here is what I do.  We have groups of sisters from 2 different zones that we go on splits with.  After the splits we do an evaluation with them, which is mostly just setting goals with them to become better missionaries and people.  We also have what is called implementation, which can be anything to make their mission lives better.  Also new last transfer we worked with the ZL to make stat implementation for our zone.  For all of you who have never served, one of our implementations is to count how many refferals that you asked for, then on sunday night send it with a bunch of other confusing numbers that I seem to always mess up.  We also teach at ZTM.  Which for those of you who haven't served missions, once a month our mission president, the APs, his wife, and other
people give "workshops" at their house.  So you go to his house on tuesday, you are there for all day learn, and eating real american food, and using dish washing machine (its a beautiful thing), then on thursday us and the Zone leaders reteach all of the workshop to the people in bogo.  This week our presidents workshop was on Daniel's story and he mixed it in to having self discipline and then obedience.  Man my mission president can teach.  I don't think I did as good of a job delivering the message, but you know we are all learning.  At least I have another month before I have to do it again.

As for other things, this last little bit we had a sister in our zone work with us, her name is sister lapena, I have gone on splits with her but you guys probably don't remember me talking about that.  Anyways her companion went home, so she has just worked in our area with us which has been fun.  Also both daphney and flor came to church this sunday, WAHOO!!!  Also we had a less active come to church who neither of us even know, who hasn't gone to church in year so we are starting to teach her as well which is fun.  

Anyways this seems to be a really long letter full of semi boring information (I blame dad), just kidding, but I am going to end it here and give you more detail on my life on monday.  I love you all so very dearly.  I hope that the winter isn't to cold.  (I have started to sometimes get cold here, you know that is a sign that I have been here a very long time)  Love you so very much,

Sister Hancock

My lds mail is being weird right now so I can only select one person to send things to, so will you send these pictures to everyone else?  Thanks your the best.

The first picture is us at the sanyo family, they are the sweetest.  But we taught them how to make smores because the had never had the before and they were amazed and really excited at how good they were.  The kept saying "the marshmellow is like frosting now"  It was funny

Then the other one is us and daphney.

Love you!

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