Sunday, January 4, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

To my lovely family,

It was very enjoyable skyping with all of you this christmas.  I hope it didn't make all of you miss me too much, but you know, I am a missable person, Just kidding.

Well you guys have already heard about my pasko, but I think I left out one detail.  Sister Sears and I were about to give presents out to the little kids, like just candy and little pencils or things and it was really cool how excited they were for them.  Christmas just made me realize how much I do have with a great family and a great life situation.

So other then that this week we got to go the ward christmas party and a lot of people invited us over for dinner, and cooked some great meals.  To say the least it was a very enjoyable week with a lot of fun times.

As far as the work I realized the person I talked about during skype I hadn't mentioned before, but daphney.  She is 17 and is super amazing.  She has a harder life because her mom died and her dad works all the time so he can support her so her and her sister both live in different house with different family friends and thats how she met the missionaries.  Anyways she is super amazing and knows its true and loves reading the book of mormon.  Also one time we told her we were teaching her the next day and then everyone who lived in her house went to went to a party, but because she knew we were coming she didn't go to the party, she was just really excited for us to come and teach.  Anyways she has recently been offend so that is her current struggle, but she great and I think she will make it through.

Well I hope you guys enjoy the next little bit of your christmas holiday and new years eve, and hitting a year of not seeing me, but that one you shouldn't enjoy.  I love you all so much.  The church is true!

Sister Hancock

The first one is randomly during the ward christmas party the called the missionaries up to preform something and we had no idea what we were doing, but oh well it end up okay

And the second on is one splits during a really rainy day.  Banana leaves make great umbrellas

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