Monday, December 22, 2014

And Then There Were 2

Dear family,

After playing a few intense games of survivor I am proud to say I am one of the last survivor.  Sadly both sister Clegg and sister Sister Alvaro have gone. But serious face now.  Sister clegg left this week and it was cool because we got to meet her family.  Her family is touring the philippine and they came up to bogo and met us, and gave us food which was nice.  They also did a fireside here which was cool because we got to attend.  It was kind of funny seeing very american people interacted with filippinos.  I officially feel more comfortable with filippinos then I do with american americans.  I might have turned filippino on you guys, sorry.

Other than that I went on my first split as STL this week.  It was really fun, I went with sister Lapena in san ram.  They area is super close to a really cool ocean so It was really cool being there.  Ours is close to the ocean but its not cool.  I am going to learn a lot from all of these sister which I am excited for. 

As for cool spiritual stories of the week, so we have an RC in our area named ann.  She was baptized in our area while sister clegg was assign here before  (both her and sister alvaro were assign here before, sister clegg 4 months ago and sister alvaro 1 transfer ago, but they came back to finish the last little bit of their mission)  Anyway she experience a lot of opposition with getting baptized.  Her mother was extremely upset about it and did some really horrible things to her because of it.  After sister clegg left she became less active, but when sister clegg came back she decide she would come to church.  And now she is extremely determined to endure to the end, she tells us all the time that she wants to work with us. It really cool how god knows all of his children and how his plan is all about seeking after the one.  I know that god loves all of us so very much, its cool to see the miracles around us today.

I love you all so very much.  I hope you are all doing wonderful and looking forward to talking to me soon. What its almost christmas?  CRAZY!  I love you all, see you soon.

Sister Hancock 

Sorry I forgot the picture until just barely.  The first one is me in san ram on splits.  The beach is so pretty there, and there was a ridiculous amount of boats in the ocean.  The second one is the actually had an american burger there.  I was in heaven.  I miss beef.  I haven't had beef in who knows how long.  It was a tasty experience!

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