Monday, December 8, 2014

Craziest Week Ever

Dearest Family,

Well these past few days have officially been the craziest of my mission.  For starters I transfered up to bogo on thursday, which is an extremely long ride.  Two hours after getting there we found out we were being evacauted out for the storm.  So we spent the rest of the night letting the sisters know we were being evacuated and telling people to go to the church so that they could have a safe shelter for the storm.  Thank goodness, and the answer of a lot of prayers and fasting here, the storm wasn't as bad as what they thought it would be.  But that could actually be false because it is really hard to get quality information here as a mission.  Before the storm I heard everything from it was bigger the yolanda to there was actually no storm coming, we literally had no idea what to execpt, but it was a lot more organized in yolanda.  

Anyways so we got here and we had a few days with nothing to do, we couldn't go on splits with the sisters here because transfers just happened and no one new their area (which is really important here in the philippines seeing as there is no addresses, its kind of different then in america).  So we ended up visiting our old areas, which was really good.  I went back to lapu-lapu and saw all of my converts there.  It is really amazing how much the have progress, I am so proud of them.  And hopefully I will be able to see the Ligan family's sealing because they said the wanted to invite me and the said it was happening in June, just before I go home.  Also apparently my arms have gotten fatter on my mission, but nothing else, I am a lot browner, and I am a lot better at the language, which is good to hear.  It is amazing what changes can happen in a year haha.

Then the next day we went to sister cleggs old area and I went on splits and we pretty much tracked, but I was thinking hopefully it will get me more prepared to be an STL.

Then the storm happened, which here it wasn't bad at all, it was really just rain, but we were at a loss of what to do with out an area in a storm, so we ended up helping planning for the chirstmas party this week.  Then we went to the mission presidents house for dinner and ended up sharing a message with his family (because his family was there for christmas).  That... Was Terrifying... And also probably the only time me and my quadpanionship will ever all teach together.  It was a cool experience.  Oh I love my quadpanionship.  It wouldn't work in any other situation, except this one, its great.

All of that, plus some of my companions going home super soon made emotions run high.  But despite the rollercoaster it was a great time.  We are all looking forward to going back to our area and checking out the damage.  Hopefully that will happen today, but we are still waiting on the area presidencies decision.

But anyways, we are doing well, and we are all in good health, and life is good.  I hope you guys are enjoying the chirstmas season in , and I hope you guys are well and happy.  Love you all so much!

Sister Hancock

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