Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Biggest News Since the Age Change

Dear Family,

I am breaking a missionary world record... Next transfer I have a QUADPANIONSHIP.  Literally I have 3 other companions.  Sister Clegg, Sister Alvaro, and Sister Sears.  I kill sister Alvaro in the first week that we are companions, and I kill Sister Clegg the third week of our companionship.  I am also becoming STL in Bogo.  How we are going to work? I don't know.  How we are going to do companionship study, I don't know.  How are we going to go on splits with the sisters, I honestly don't know.  All I know is we are a quadpanionship.  I am literally shocked beyond belief right now.  All those questions will be answered in the next e-mail.

Also I don't know if you guys have heard about the typhoon could hit here tomorrow, BUT I just want you guys to know I am in an incredibly safe area, and close to the mission office so don't worry about me at all.

As far as this week, it has been a very good week.  We had a Recent Convert family come back to church, and the haven't come to church in over six months.  We were really excited.  I really will miss this area.  I really love the ward here.  The relief society told us her conversion story this week, about when she was baptized.  She told us her family beat her, but she kept going to church and stayed a strong member, and now she is seeing so many blessings from that.  Even though sometimes it is hard, we all need to hold on to the gospel because that is were all of our blessings come from.

Anyways I am kind of still in shock, so I can't really add much details, but thats my life, you will find more about it next week.

I love you all so much!  I hope you are doing wonderful!  Keep being amazing!

Sister Hancock

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