Monday, February 9, 2015

Meetings and more

Dear family,

It has been a really great week, but it honestly been the week that I have worked the least in my whole mission.  But I learned a lot.  First we had MLC this week, so we traveled to liloan monday morning and it was awesome because I got to see all of my mission friend who are either assign close to their or are STLs. So I caught up with all of them then we had our meeting that night and then we slept at sister sears and sister mcCurdys house.  Then tuesday we had MLC.  Both the meeting and MLC related to practice teaching, which made me feel guilty because I was awful at it, but I am repenting now and we are really diligent at practice teaching.  It is also very american because we meet in their house (and they literally have the nicest mission house) and we eat american food and use ovens, its amazing.  After MLC president surprised us by telling all the far away missionaries that they could go to the temple (because we were all stay there to see elder bowen).  It was great.  I love the temple.  I just love it.  Especially the cebu one.  Then wednesday Elder Bowen came, which was good and I learned a lot.  I also said goodbye to my companions that are going home, which was sad but also good.

Thursday and friday sister Lange stayed in liloan for her passport papers so I was just planning to work with ward missionaries, but then one of the sister that lives with us got sick, so I end up just watching her. Oh and I also taught ZTM by my self, that was... interesting haha, but the message was delivered and that all that matters.  So half-way through friday, saturday and sunday we worked.  It was good, it made me miss work, and I was very glad to be back.  Working just feels good.

Well that has been my life the last week. It was crazy, but quite enjoyable.  I just love those type of events though because I love see my mission friends and catching up with people.

Anway I love you all so much.  I hope you have amazing days.  Love you,

Sister Hancock

PS: one picture is at MLC  and then the other one is my companion who I just realized that I haven't sent any pictures of.

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