Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Dear Family,

Hows life?  Hows america?  How is everything?

I am doing well.  This week has been good, although mostly my report will probably be about conference because there haven't been much changes in my life.  I love conference, it was great.  Watching it as a missionary is the best thing ever!  I love Uchdorfe talk because it probably was the one that called me to repentance the most.  But he is great, I love our prophet and apostale.  Also I don't know about there, but we didn't get any kind of translation for the spanish talk so mostly we just laugh and I tried to pick out bisaya words.  I think spanish stole some words from bisaya ;).  I guess bisaya is just the best language.

As well Flor and Marciana came to conference!  I don't think marciana liked it very much because it was all in english... but I tried to translate somethings for her and help out.  But she was really really excited to see the prophets and the apostles (oh man I am so mix up because I spelt this word in bisaya, I can't speak straight english, literally).  Flor is doing great, her live in partner is still gone, and if all things go according to plan the should both be baptize on May 2nd which will be great.  Also Mina is still coming to church and we started teaching her brother who is not a member who is ver "discontent" with his religion right now.  Other then that recently we have been finding some really good investigators, so it has been really really good. 

Other then that my life is the same because I am with the same companion in the same area, and I am really happy.  Life is going really well for me.  I hope you guys are great, sorry it is a short one, but it has only been 4 days since my last one haha, I love you all.

Sister Hancock

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