Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Little Piece of Heaven

Dear my loving family,

It has been a really good week here. We are really excited because we have a baptism this Friday.  His name is John Paul, and for the second time he biked for an hour in order to be able to come to church.  He is so awesome.  He has also been such a great example to his family and because of his example his older brother, who has more or less ignored us before has agreed to meet with us tomorrow which we are really excited about!  The work really is hastening.  Me and Sister Davis also get to attend a sealing Friday of a really great couple in our ward.  He is the second counselor in our bishopric and is one of Julius' relatives so we work with them a lot, and we are so excited to be able to see them.  I also get to get to the cebu temple for the first time which is way exciting.  Friday will be the pinaka-epic day ever.

We have also had some really amazing lessons this week.  Our investigator Julius who is the most amazing person ever and "is already planning for his enduring to the end".  Its so funny he is so excited to be able to home teach and bring back the less active families.  Anyways, we had a lesson about the atonement and for the first time he promised he would stop smoking today.  So we set his baptismal date for April 26.  We are really excited for him, and me and sister Davis felt super great about this date before we even told him and he feels really good about it too.

Then we also got to teach Jennifer this week.  She is married to a Canadian who has been a member for a long time.  She comes to church every week, but doesn't feel like she knows enough to commit to be baptized yet. But we had a really good lesson about how if the book of mormon is true then everything is true, and she is really excited to read the book of mormon for herself now.  She is starting for the begining and I am really excited for her!

Then our investigator Roxelaine.  She is so funny, she absolutely loves everything we teach.  Like yesterday we taught her the 10 commandments and with every single commandment she got so excited and had a story about why it was important.  She also makes fun of my bisayan a lot.  With some people I feel really good about it, and then with her every time I speak she always has this really concentrated face.  She is so funny.  Then she always talks about how I don't understand what is going on, and then I always tell her no I understand what you guys are saying, you just don't understand me.  She is seriously my favorite though.  And we also have set her baptism for April 26.  April 26 really will be such a good day!

Other than that I had a really cool experience doing laba (laundry) with one of our investigators.  We washed it all from a pump and it really made me think about living here and how my appreciation for things have grown and how much I have already learned from the people here.  The kids are my absolute favorite.  Every time they see us they run up to us and shout "Americano" and then bless our hand which is a really cool custom here.  I love it here.  Missionary work is the bomb!

I hope you are doing well and finding joy in the journey!  I love you all so much!

Sister Hancock

P.S. My pictures are of me doing laundry, I can't send my favorite one so that on will have to work. And then the other one is a really cool sunset, the evenings are my favorite here.  Also everyone makes their own house, so most houses look like that.

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