Wednesday, April 9, 2014

1st Transfer Down

To: the people live on the other side of the world

I have officially lived in the Philippines longer then I lived in the MTC, crazy.  I love looking back and seeing how much I have progressed.  So transfer news.... I AM GOING TO BOHOL.  Haha just kidding I am still getting trained so nothing changed for me.  And if things are normal I probably won't serve on Bohol for an extremely long time, but you never know I guess.

So I told Julius I wanted to tell the world his good news, and considering that you all are on the other side of the world I thing this counts.  He has gone 6 days with out smoking now!  We are so excited for him!  If he keeps it up we might move his baptismal date up, which will be a first.

We had John Paul's baptism this week.  I was such a neat experience.  We have also been talking to him about serving a mission, and initially he wasn't so sure but we have a really great young men's group here and one person is leaving on their mission soon, and now he really wants to go.  I loved talking with him about it.  And it is so good for filippino's to serve because during their missions they focus on helping the learn english which is why our mission is considered an english speaking mission.  And if he learns english he will be able to get a good job which will completely change his life.  Their family has been going through a lot of hard things this week and it is so sad to see, but I love how much the church can help lives in so many different ways.

So this week my bisayan was pushed haha.  I taught gospel Doctrine this week.  It is pretty common here that there isn't a gospel doctrine teacher, but our ward is pretty good about making sure we always have a teacher.  However this week we did not.  And my companion turned to me and was like " sige, this will be a good experience for you" " what? Hala!"  But it actually was really great.  Naturally we switched off like we do it in lessons so it wasn't all me, but it was an on the spot lesson about service.  It made me confident that  my language grew a lot more, and it was kind of fun to be honest.  And I have been getting a lot of compliments about my bisayan, which is good  However Roxelaine still gives me her face every time I talk haha so don't worry that still keeps me humble.

We also got to go to the temple for a sealing, which was such was so cool and the spirit was so strong.  And the cebu temple is amazing.  I might have been more amazed by it because I have been around people with nothing for a while now, but I was awestruck by it.  It was absolutely amazing!

Also I had my first filipino barbeque.  It ate Buso which is the best rice ever. It is the kind of rice we saw on bizarre foods that is cooked in a banana leaf. It is sooo good, I wish they had it in america.  They also have chicken liver and chicken intestines.  I had the intestines and they were actually really good.  Its funny I am not picky about filipino food at all, but if people feed us american food I become more picky.  And guess what, I have liked every single fish I have eaten here.  That really is a miracle.

Anyways I love you all so much and am praying for you!  

Sister Hancock

                                                       Me, Renante, Hanz, Roxanne, and Sister Davis

                                                      Cebu Temple at night time - so gorgeous!

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