Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Everyone wants to get baptized!!!


I hope my email finds you satisfied and content with life. As my title states, we have had a lot of success this week.  Everyone we extend the baptismal commitment to says yes.  Its crazy!  I really hope all of them follow through cause that would be great.

Thank you for all being so obedient to make request. ... I was just going to insert missionary humor right there... Aaaah I am such a missionary because I really think missionary humor is funny, and before I thought it was the worst thing ever.  I have changed so much haha.  But anyways I did get to see a sneak peek of the saturday morning session this morning when we went to the temple and Sister Davis and I started freaking out and then we started freaking out more when the conductor was the same conductor at the MTC.  The workers there were laughing at us.  Wow I am such a missionary haha.  But it was crazy we watched the women's conference this week and when they filmed the choir all I could think was how white everyone there is.  It was so weird.  Its funny because here whenever you see a white person we pretty much have a social obligation to stop and talk to them.  I don't know why, its weird

But anyways after that really long and pointless tangent,  I want to share with you my favorite experience of this week.  So we were teaching Jennifer (I have talked about her before, but she is married to a canadian who has been a member for a very long time and has been investigating the church since September I think), anyways so at the end of the lesson we asked her to pray right there if the church was true.  So she did and the spirit was just so so strong the whole time the after we sat for a while and asked her how she felt. And she said she knew it was true.  She said she had only felt that way one other time and that was when she went and saw the temple.  She agreed to get baptized after that and we are so excited!  It seriously makes me happy every time I think about that experience.  THIS CHURCH IS SO TRUE!!!

Sorry I have so much more to say but unfortunately my time is almost completely out!  I guess I will just have to tell you later!

I love you all!  Hope you enjoy the pictures

Sister Hancock

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