Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Saving Souls and Killing Ants

To my loving family

I hope you are all doing well and that you all enjoyed your Easter feasts very much.  Easter here was great!  Holy week is a very big deal here.  Everyone closed their stores and everything for wednesday - saturday (they were all open on sunday again though which is kind of ironic to me.  It was crazy not having tons of people line the streets, it kind of reminded me of america haha.  But every night (since we live right across from a catholic church) we got to see a parade of saint and people holding candles its crazy how many people participate!  Then easter day was amazing because we had so many investigators at church.  We had to actually move gospel principles to a new room because there wasn't enough space for everyone.  I was just so happy all day!

We also got to teach the ligan family (anging and krisha and others) a lot this week.  Which was great because teaching them is my favorite thing.  They are so great we just barely taught them about Tithing and that Sunday without us even knowing they set up a meeting with bishop and payed their tithing.  They have so much faith I blows my mind.  Krisha also was taking notes during church which amazed me because I have never ever done that.  She has such a strong desire to learn as much as she can so that she can be a good missionary.  Then we were telling the how we were baptized when we were 8, and they were like "wow we must be late bloomers".  And then they said "No we aren't late bloomers, they just came late".  Haha they are seriously the best.

Other then that we have roxelaine's baptism this week which we are excited about!  We also had a mission tour and it was soo good to see everyone from the MTC, and be amazed at just how smart general authorities are.  In other news our apartment has increasingly been infested with bugs.  I find bugs in my oatmeal every morning now.  Oh well that's life in the Philippines.

I love you all.  That you so much for the support every week! 

Sister Hancock

P.S The first picture is the mission tour and then the second picture is the entrance to the subdivision I live it.  It looks really nice haha.  

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