Sunday, April 20, 2014

By popular demand

Dear family,

Due to popular demand I will be writing about the typhoon.  To be honest I don't actually know what day it struck haha because everyone said it was suppose to be on different days and it has been cloudy all week.  It did rain a ton last night though so I am assuming that was it?  But we have had a lot of brown outs.  Which means you just lose power for a while.  And our bucket showers have been freezing all week.  Whenever it rains our showers are always freezing, I don't actually know why haha. 

Conference for us was really great.  Here there where a lot of people that feel asleep because they show conference in english.  They have a translation in to cebuano, but the church translates it into pure cebuano (no mixing in any other languages) and no one understands that.  English is easier for them to understand that pure cebuano.  All of our resources to learn Cebuano are in pure Cebuano, so sometimes it is an adventure when you use a word that you just learn because you never actually know if they understand haha.  Mostly I just study words that the people give me.  But for me conference was really great.  I felt very spiritually fed after it.

So Julius finished the Book Of Mormon.  Crazy!  Now he is starting on D&C, I love how much he loves learning.  Unfortunately he lost his job and then had to move to a new city for a new job and only comes back on weekends and all that stress caused him to make 1 mistake and smoke, so we have to move his date back another 4 weeks.  Haha he might just finish D&C by his baptismal week too.

I don't think I have talked about Krisha and Anging enough.  They are perhaps some of my favorite people.  Krisha is 17 and Anging is her mom. We asked them to be baptized in the first lesson and they said of course.  Then Krisha last week started talking about how she want to serve a mission.  She is fantastic, we were kind of thrown off because we had never even mentioned missions.  But now she always talks about serving a mission.  She actual kuyoged with us to a recent convert and started helping us teach.  She is really going to be the best missionary every!  Her mom is the sweetest lady ever too.  They are both so funny and I laugh a lot when I am with them.  

Anyways thats all for me this week.  I hope you are all doing fantastically.  I pray for you all the time and am so thankful for all of you!

Your favorite,

Sister Hancock

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