Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Summer Time


It is definitely summer time over here.  The kids are out of school and it is hot.  Like really hot, as long as there is wind it is fine, but if there is not wind it's dili maayo.

It has been a really good week here for us.  Oh before I continue, I have to wait a week longer to see conference here, so if there is any life changing announcements you are not allowed to talk to me about them until two weeks.   All right? Sounds good.

One thing me and my companion have been talking about is that it is really cool to see how god works.  For instance, So we visited this less active and the next week she brought one of her friends with her.  So of course we went to teach her and she lived in this part of city that we had no idea even existed, (the only way to get there is you have to cross a basketball court, there is literally no other entrance weird huh?) Anyways after we went over there we talked to her family and neighbors and they all are super interested, but most importantly we found Anging and Krisha.  They are seriously some of the greatest investigators.  They ask really good questions about the book of mormon during our lesson and they absolutely loved the plan of salvation.  When we asked them if they would be baptized they said "of course". So right now their baptismal date is set for May 3 and we are really excited about that!

Our other investigators are doing great!  Julius absolutely loves the book of mormon and his goal is to finish it before his baptism, and he is in 3 nephi right now so I am pretty sure he will do it.  He is so great because he brought his wife to a relief society acitvity and then just sat in the corner and read the Book of Mormon,  He is great.  And we gave him a bible and a book of mormon with his name on it.  And his reaction to the bible was "WOW! It has both the Old Testament and the New Testament."  That made me laugh really hard.  He was also afraid to touch it because he was scared he was going to make it dirty.  On top of that we taught he about family history.  Our ward might be one of the only wards in all of the philippines that is really into family history, so he had a lesson on it during church and he said he really felt like his family was just waiting for him to be baptized so that he could do their work for them.  Our other Investigator Roxelaine is also doing really well and loving the gospel, in fact she loves it so much she spend 45 minutes talking about 1 verse haha.  Most of the time she was trying to explain to us that full in bisayan can have two meanings haha.  Even after we told her that's how it was is english too.  We love that she loves it so much, we are just glad we are done with the lessons with a lot of content at this point.

In other news I had an epic fight with the biggest cockroach I have ever seen that was crawling all over my stuff.  I had a defaulty sprayer (we kill them with permetheron) so whenever I got brave enough to attack it never worked.  Eventually I did kill it though.  According to the people here it was over killed because I sprayed it ten times.  But there is nothing wrong with being safe right?

Anyways life is good here.  The gospel is good everywhere and I love you all so much!  Keep it up!

Sister Hancock

P.S.  One of the pictures is normal food here in the philippines, and then the other one they told us they were going to move to tacloban yesterday, and the today they said they weren't so we took farewell pictures.  But I thought you might like to see it so you could see what a house looks like in the philippines from the inside.  Imagine bamboo flooring with that haha its great!

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