Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I have got some good news, and I have got some bad news

To my beautiful family,

Life is full of it's vicissitudes (not only am I learning a second language,but I am also ever increasing my english skills.)  The good news is Roxelaine got baptized!  The bad news is I was very sick this whole week.  The good news is Sister Davis still let me work.  The bad news is because of the overexertion I lost a leg.  The good news is the gave me a really cool cane. The bad news is I sound like a man today.  The good news is apparently when I speak bisaya  I always speak higher so I sound like my normal self. 

But seriously I was pretty sick for a while and then the night of Roxelaine's baptism I asked the elders in our ward to give me a blessing, and then that night my fever stopped.  Since then I  just have a manly voice and I cough a lot which has been a great blessing.

Roxelaine's baptism was a really really awesome experience.  They always have new converts bear their testimony and she talked about how much she has changed because of the gospel.  It was so awesome to hear that.  That is probably one of the coolest parts of being a missionary is to see people change their lives for the better.  It is so rewarding.

And other good news of the week, Julius is getting baptized this week!  Wahoo, we are seriously so excited.  After the interview the elders who interviewed him said "he will definitely be a leader of the church".  And I said "I know, I am excited for that moment when he speaks in general conference and I can say, I taught him."  He is crazy, he is already on numbers in the bible.

Another investigator I have yet to tell you about is Melody.  She is sisters to one of our recent converts and she is so great.  She feels very strongly about the family and that is what caused her initially to be interested.  Her baptismal date right now is May 17, and we are trying to get her daughters interested.  They always listened when we teach, they just haven't committed to baptism yet.

In other news we currently have a mouse swimming in our langanan (the things we do laundry in).    When I found in I cried out "I need my nanay", (sorry mom I didn't mean you.)  Unfortunately neither of us know how to kill it, and I couldn't kill it with a knife, so if any of you have any ideas we are very very open to suggestions that don't involve touching it. Also I learned I can't eat rice with just a fork anymore. I don't know how to do it.  I can only eat like a filippino now.  And I crave rice now.  And I like coke now.  Not that you really cared about those details, but you know the Philippines changes a person.

I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!

Sister Hancock

P.S.  The first picture is Roxelaine's baptism.  The second picture is the Ligan family.  It goes Anging, Krisha, Alyn, Nikki, and me:)

P.P.S family, so apparently my whole week schedule is completely changing so my p-days will be on monday, so you all should write me before it is monday here, I don't know what time that is there.

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