Monday, May 5, 2014

One Week!!

To the family that I get to see a week from now, CRAZY!

So I had plans to send you epic of picture of Julius' baptism and me playing volleyball in the sand (it really is like the most epic picture ever), but due to the unpredictableness of  internetcafes, sadly I can't send you any pictures.  Oh well next week na lang.

This week has seriously been such a good week. First off our ward has gotten really excited about missionary work so everyone and their tiki wants to work with us.  It has been so good because when members are at the lessons they are seriously so much better.  It adds a real aspect to what we are sharing.  People don't just think we are two crazy Americans, real people actually believe this, its fantastic. 

We also had Julius baptism which was one of the best baptisms I have ever been too.  There was so many people there (which doesn't really happen here) and the spirit was so strong. I got to lead the music so I got to look out at everyone and the whole time I  was just think about how we are all brothers and sisters united in such a great cause.  I just loved everyone so much.  Then afterwards Julius bore his testimony and he talked about before he had a great job, a beautiful wife, and kids but there was sometime missing.  He talked about how it was hard to forgive people  and he just felt this whole in his life.  After much persistences from his wife he finally decided to take the missionary discussions.  He talked about after that the hole was healed.  He is so happy now.  He hasn't missed a day of church in the past four months and has made so many changes in his life.  Seeing that is what makes life as a missionary so amazing.  I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve the lord!

We also have Anging and Krisha's baptism this Friday.  Hopefully I don't get transfered so I can see it, but if not teaching them has been so great.  They were the most prepared people I have ever met. They are getting baptized a day before their initial set date, which in this mission is a complete miracle. (Pretty much that means in the first week we met them they had to give up all word of wisdom problems and never miss church.)  It has been such a miracle.

In other news we got to play volleyball on the beach which was so fun!  Haha sometimes I forget what normal people fun is like.  It was a shame we couldn't go in the water, but don't worry Julius told me that if we are by the ocean he will do me the favor of shoving me in, and if he shoves me in I have no other options.  But today we get to go to a mexican restaurant.  What?  I seriously thought those didn't exist here, but they have one!  I am so pumped because I have been craving mexican food for so long now...  Life is just fantastic.  And to top it all off I get to skype you all in a week.  I can't wait!

I love you all so much!!!  I hope life goes wonderfully for you this week.

Sister Hancock

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