Monday, May 26, 2014

Creepy Crawly Critters

To my amazing family,

So I thought that since I have a samoan companion my days of killing the critters were over, unfortunately for me this was very very untrue.  During daily planning this week I saw the biggest spider I have ever seen in my whole life (I took pictures of it and would have sent it to you, but unfortunately this computer won't let me send pictures.)  After several shouts of "Kill it" "I don't kill animals"  I finally bravely and courageously threw the area book on it.  I think that means I have passed a test of some kind.  Also I now know what it feels like to be swarmed by bugs.  We were at a less active house just sitting and then we where swarmed by... they called them ants but I don't think they were ants.  They were every where on everything.  It was so disgusting I can't even tell you.  But despite these challenges I am still living today haha, so no worries.

So I want to share a really cool experience we had while tract (we seem to tract a lot now and I am fairly certain it is because sister salima actually really enjoys tracting, I never did it with sister davis.)  But anyways we teach around and getting rejected (I have learned filipino aren't as nice when it isn't two americans approaching them, every one here thinks my companion is filipina its really funny.  Then when she says she is from samoa they always look at me really confused and I think I have finally figured out why, because sa amoa in bisaya is pretty much from ours so I always just tell them its close to new zealand.)  Anyways we walked past this house and then decided to  turn around to see if one of our investigators was home.  After we turned around I felt like I should stop at this house so I just said good afternoon to one of the girls there and they instantly said "mom" and the mom came and invited us in to sit down.  Apparently before that they were wondering why we didn't stop at there house, and really wanted us to come and visit them.  They were so good and so interested and before we even said anything they were talking about going to our church.  The moved from bohol because their house got destroyed in the earth quake.  I am really excited to continue teaching them, they seem so golden.

In other new Alyn and Nikki have their interviews this week.  (they are two daughters of Anging).  I am so excited for them to be baptized.  I seriously love the ligan family so much!  They are the cutest when we teach them.

That is all for my news.  I hope life is treating all of you well.  Have a fantastic week!

Sister Hancock

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