Monday, May 26, 2014

kining lingwahay....

To my loved ones,

Haha so I am continuing to learn many things about this crazy language god wants me to learn.  One of the things I learn is that hubad does not actually mean to translate (or at least here is lapu-lapu it doesn't, supposively in bohol it does?), it actually means to get naked.  So for the past three months I have been here I have been saying, Joseph Smith got naked the book of mormon with the power of god.  Hahaha none of our investigators thought to correct us until final Krisha told us.  ... Our poor investigators...  I also found out ambut is a very rude way to say I don't know, and the teachers at the MTC said it was fine...  Also apparently one of the conjugations they taught us in the MTC is tagalog not bisaya...  Also whenever our investigators read the church pamphlets I am constantly having to explain certain words to them, which is hard since my vocabulary is still very limited.  In fact one of our investigators after reading it ask "who wrote this?", and sadly I use those word that no one knows because those are the resource that we have to learn from.  So in conclusion, I am pretty sure in order for an filippino investigator to be converted by a foreigner they have to have the gift of interpretation of tongues.  But we continue to have baptisms here so the only explanation has to be the church is true.

Other then that I went on splits with the STL (sister trainer leaders), this week.  It was my first time ever working outside my area.  Their area is in manduae which is super city.  It was really fun actually, it kind of made me excited to experience different things while I am here on my mission.  I also learned a lot from our STL about teaching to need.  It was a great experience.

Other then that the field is still white here in Lapu-Lapu, cordova.  We have Nikki and Alyn's baptism this Saturday which I am way excited for and their dad came to church for the first time yesterday which made me way happy!  We also got referrals last week and they are super great!  They both committed to be baptized during the second lesson so we are excited to continue to teach them.

I love you all!  I hope you enjoy summer like I have been doing for the past 3 months :).  Amping ha?

Sister Hancock

I forgot to attach the pictures I was going to send.  One is of my companion and I with the STL's, and the other is a picture of what the calling the "swatters" in the city.  The city is also reall gross so hopefully I never actually get assigned to the city.

I love you all, enjoy!

Sister Hancock

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