Monday, June 9, 2014

Dugay na

to my beloveds

How are you?  I hope summer weather is treating you well.  Here in the Philippines summer just ended and everyone is going back to school, which is nice because it is still hot, but not as hot.  We have rain occasionally now.

So you are probably all think I died in some crazy tropical storm and that is why I didn't write you but actually we just had a temple trip today and whenever we have a temple trip they move our p-day to Wednesday, but don't worry all will be back to normal and I will be emailing you next Monday.

It is weird emailing you now because I feel like so much has happen, I don't even know what to write about.  So we had Nikki and Alyn's baptism this week.  It was really great haha but when we got there the font was extremely dirty so we sat their waiting 3 hours for it to start haha, but the good news is they got baptized anyway, and here in the Philippines you normally wait about an hour for it to start anyways so I guess that is not to bad haha.

This week was also Sister Salima's birthday, so of course I bought her a cake, and she said it was her first time ever celebrating her birthday.  But she really enjoyed it so that is good.  She has also been super super sick for the past week, but still always just wants to work so we have still be able to teach just not as much.

Worley has also agreed to get baptized but we are waiting on his work before he can be baptized, he never came out and said this, but we are like 90% certain that as soon as he becomes a member he will be fired from his job because his boss is catholic so we will just see what happens with that.

Also the toting family came to church this Sunday which was way exciting, they have also agreed to be baptized so hopefully they continue progressing!  If thing go like normal I probably won't be able to see either of their baptisms because I will be transferred, but I guess we will just have to see what the lord has in store for me... I am hoping its bohol haha.

Anyways I love you all and hope your summer is full of fun activities.  Until monday,

Sister hancock

P.s sorry I would have emailed you pictures but this computer is weird.  Sunod na lang.

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