Sunday, June 22, 2014

Where in the world is Sister Hancock? (Guess before you open)

Dear family,

If you guessed Ubay, Bohol (which I honestly don't know how you would) you are right!  Ubay is, obviously in Bohol, and is super super bukid, which I guess is kind of comparable to the country. There are a lot of rice fields and carabou.  It is also sooo pretty here, I have already fallen in love with this area.  My new companion is Sister Tiniacavaraba, Sister T for short.  She is from Fiji and cracks me up all the time, she is great. I actually met her before when I went to the MTC for a day with LJ and Kaylie (she was Sister Clegg's companion)  She is also super bisdak (good at bisaya) which I am grateful for because you definitely learn more bisaya if your companion is good at it.  She is so bisdak that people always ask her if she is half filipino then when they ask I tell them no but I am.

Lets see my experiences in Ubay so far, well we ride motorcycles everywhere and sometimes it is interesting trying to fit 3 people on the same motorcycle, but I love motorcycles haha.  No one tell mom but I want to get a motorcycle when I come home, they are so fun.  But it was definitely interesting learning how to ride a motorcycle in a skirt at first, now I am pro though so no worries.  I have changed so much since my mission, I am a coke drinking, motorcycle riding girl now hahaha.

Our ward is actually an unofficial group that meets in my apartment for church.  On Sunday there were eight normal members at church, then counting the  missionaries the kids and the investigators there was a total of 20 people.  Not strong in numbers, but you know strong in spirit I guess.  I am excited though, it will be a really cool experience.  I will probably have to give a lot of on the spot talks and teach classes all the time, but it will be great.

So one of the picture is me drinking straight from a coconut, which was quite enjoyable, and then the other one is houses that you commonly find here.  They build their house on the shore and have those walk-ways for high tide.  The walkways are pretty sketch actually and you always have to walk really slowly other wise you might step on a rotten bamboo stick and fall through.

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