Friday, July 18, 2014

Peak into paradise

To my beloved family,

I wish I could capture through picture how beautiful this place is where I live.  I really have tried so hard, but none of my pictures so far have done it any justice.  I really live in paradise.  There are just rice fields and trees and oceans and beauty, its amazing.  I can't even explain it, but I will continue to try through pictures.  Of course I can't do that if the pictures won't upload which is what is happening right now...

So tomorrow I officially have a year left of my mission,  That is so weird, time goes by so fast.  I still feel like I am so new to this whole mission thing and now I only have a year left. Life...  My companion will have 6 months left of her mission next week and she says she still feels new as well, so maybe I will never feel experienced.

Other then that it has been raining like crazy here.  Yesterday I was walking through rain up to my calf.  And then when you teach lessons the rain is so loud your really can't here each other.  The whole lesson is shouting "what did you say".  But its fine haha, I guess the spirit is the really teacher anyway right?

Also this week I learned to suck an eye ball of a fish so that I could eat it.  It literally took me forever to get it and everyone was just laughing the whole time I was sucking on the fish (which that definitely would not of happened before my mission).

Also this week I got to go on splits with Sister Davis my trainer since she is now my STL.  It was great, they slept over since ubay is so far away from everything, then they had to leave at 4 in the afternoon to be able to get back on time, but it was quite enjoyable.

Other then that the work is going well.  We have been able to find some really cool people this week.  I will update you more about that next week.  I hope you are all doing well and you party it up on the 4th for me.  I love you all and am constantly praying for you!

Sister Hancock

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