Monday, July 21, 2014

And the new food of the week is . . . Buwad

To those on the other side of the computer,

I hope that where ever you my be life is going well.  So I have some news, I felt my first earthquake, it was actually an aftershock from the big earthquake here, apparently after shocks happen all the time here.  It was really small, but it was still the first one I ever felt which was crazy.

On other news I had buwad this week.  It is really disgusting.  Its dry salted fish that smells horrible and for some reason filippinos love it.  I don't understand it.  If you come to the philippines that is one thing I would definitely not recommend trying.

We are also still seeing success here in Ubay.  We got news that our little group can now officially become a branch wahoo!  But now we have to help them look for people who would be good leaders here and help them find a meeting house because once they officially become a branch they can no longer meet in our apartment (which will be kind of nice for us, because it involves a lot less cleaning on our part).  Also the Pinero family came to church again, wahoo!  Right now their baptism is schedule pretty far away because we can only teach them once a week and we have yet to teach them Word of Wisdom which they probably have some problems with, and we will have to wait four week from whenever they stop that so it will probably be a little while before they get baptized, but they are fantastic.  They live a hour a way from church, but still make the sacrifice to come.  They are the best.

On thing I also want to talk about one thing that I have been learn that the holy ghost really does.  This week when the spirit was really strong in the lessons our investigators would always talk about how much the understood.  One of our investigators said, as soon as I had a question in my mind you answered it.  Its crazy too me whenever they talk about that because there is always a language barrier, but it really is the holy ghost that is the really teacher of us all.  We are so blessed as members of the church to have the gift of the holy ghost, it is one of the greatest gift of god.  Always live worthy to have to holy ghost influence in your lives.

I love you all. Continue being the great people you are and I know god will bless you for it.

Sister Hancock

P.S.  Sorry I am not sending picture, it says dili pwidi saksakan USB kay mo hang, and I don't know exactly what that mean so I am just avoiding the posibility of getting all my pictures erased because that has been know to happen here.

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