Sunday, August 3, 2014

Tender Mercies

To my loved ones,

I hope you are all doing okay.  I hope you know that I am always praying for you as well!  I hope you are able to see god's mercy in your life.  I hope you are able to see god strengthen you through you trail.  I was very sorry to hear about Katie's death, but know I am praying for all of you and that you will receive strength from god.

A few thoughts I had this week:

So this week we taught the Pinero family about being sealed and that they could live with their families forever.  The whole time we were talking about it she just had the biggest smile on her face and I was thinking how blessed we are the we have the knowledge that we can live with our families forever and above that how blessed we are that we are sealed as a family.  No matter what happens we know we can live together again.  What a comforting thought that is.

There was also another cool thing I got to witness.  There is this member that we teach in our area who can't come to church because she is way to far away and doesn't have a motor.  Anyways she is american and she came here to marry a filipino.  Anyways a lot of things happen he left her for a while and all the stress of living here and him leaving her caused her to have a miscarriage.  She was telling us that her live was at the lowest point it has ever been, then when we visited her she told us her husband had come back.  I felt really prompted to share with her Mosiah 24:14 (about christ strengthening us through our trail so much that we can not feel them.  She said she had a testimony of that because before she kept seeing her baby and feeling super horrible, but that day she saw her baby again and it didn't hurt at all any more, even though she still has a ton of trial, none of them hurt.  How awesome it is we have a heavenly father who loves us so much, and has all power to help us.  I how you all see that help of god in your lives.

Know I love you and am praying for you all constantly.

Sister Hancock

P.S.  Sorry I couldn't email till wednesday, they decide to change our pday to wednesday on transfer week.  Oh and I have news, Sister T is transfering and I will get a new companion tomorrow, Her name is Sister Villaluz.  She is filppina, my junior batch (which means she got here the transfer after me), and she speaks tagalog but her bisaya is probably a lot better then mine because filipinos learn it a lot faster.

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