Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dear family,

I hope everything is going well for you there and that you are enjoying your summer.

So as I said last time I got a new companion.  Her name is sister Villaluz.  She is a convert like most Filipinos, and she actually turned down a boy who was purposing to her to go on a mission haha, she is fantastic and a really hard worker and really positive.  I really like having a filipina as a companion as well, because she understands the culture a lot better then I do.

So we taught the Pinero family with her and it was nice because they could finally clear up a lot of their confusion because she speaks tagalog.  I kind of felt like I was a new missionary again during that lesson because I didn't really know what was going on because it was in tagalog, but it was cool how many words I was able to pick up on.  Maybe by they end of this transfer I will be able to speak tagalog as well, haha  jokes.  But I can now say some sentences in tagalog.  Also I give an attempt to learn chibrancano (which is their native language, which people just say its broken spanish, but it definately doesn't sound like spanish to me and they say they don't understand spanish at all.)  Also they have given up all of their coffee and alcohol so they are still good to be baptized on the 23, wahoo!

I wrote you 4 days ago so I don't feel like I have a ton to write you about, but while I was waiting for my companion here on bohol I got to go on splits with sister Holmes from my batch.  It was really nice because we got to talk a lot about how we were going through some of the same things.  It was just really fun and really nice.  Also we got to sleep over at the STL house then (because we live the farthest away)  and I got to talk more with sister davis my trainer, which was really fun.

Anyways I love you all.  I know this church is true.  And I know the gospel blesses our lives so much.  Every day I am so thankful I have the gospel. keep on paglahutay hangtud sa katapusan (enduring to the end).  Love you all so very much and I keep you in my prayers

your missionary,

Sister Hancock

PS  I can't really view the picture but I am hoping that this is one of my companion and I and also that lizard tried to get in our house like 20 times, it was really creepy, but no worries our group leader (the one in the picture) caught it and killed it.  Its huge right?

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