Sunday, August 10, 2014



What my sister is getting married this week, that is so crazy.  I hope you all enjoy the wedding immensely.  I will be thinking of you and probably celebrating in some was with my companion.

So I have been really good this week.  The work continues to go on.  The Pinero family have their interview this week and then they are getting baptized next week.  It is so cool to be able to watch them progress as a family so much.  I love watching the testimonies grow and their acts of faith help my faith to grow.

I just want to write you guys a little about this group I am in and how awesome all of the members are here.  They really are soo faithful,  We have one nanay who lives extremely far away from the church (most of our members live far away because I live in the middle of now where).  Anyways its really expensive for here to come to church every sunday, but in order for her to have money to come she does all of the missionaries laundry every week.  It takes her a really long time, but despite that she does it every week just so she can come to church.  Our group leader is also really amazing.  He seriously would do anything for us missionaries if we asked him too.  He always want to work and always asks us if we want to go site seeing for our p-day, he is great.

This week randomly we had an american family show us at our door, (which is extremely weird here since there is only one other american that lives here besides me.)  It wasn't random because they were actually their to screen children to see if the were malnutrition (which pretty much every one the screened was), but we had no idea it was happening.  It was a kind of funny situation.  After that they went a played a prank on the elders, they said "do you guys speak english, we are lost, we are looking for someone who love jesus".  It was kind of funny because the elder they talked to is fresh from the MTC so he got really excited. haha oh good humor...

Also this week we had Zone training meeting, which involves us waking up at 430 in the morning driving all day to get there (because we have to go all the way to calape) and the getting home at like 600 at night, but I guess that is what you get for being the missionaries that are the farthest away from everything.

Anyways I love you all and I praying for you and hope you all enjoy the wedding, and your week and your lives. 

Sister Hancock
The first picture is me climbing up a coconut tree, I may or may not have fallen on the way down...Its okay if no one sees it your fine right?  The second is they have leaves here that you can actually blow bubbles from, coolest thing ever right?  My mission is completely now that I have seen that haha.

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