Monday, September 1, 2014

A new Branch

To my beloved family,

Hello, how are you all.  I am glad to hear you all enjoyed the wedding.  I was also celebrating on this side on the world.  We went on splits with the STLs that day (which I always have fun going on splits, and sister davis is still my STL so we had fun).  And the for dinner we had chicken adobo and mango floats to celebrate. I am thinking I will have to make that for you guys when I get back.  Then we had a sleep over, so you know, the whole world was just partying.

Good news this week, The pinero family passed their interviews, wahoo!!!!!!  I was pretty soaked although I almost fell asleep while waiting, because I don't know why but interviews here take forever and there was four of them getting interviewed.  So their baptism will be this Saturday, in the ocean.  I am excited to send you guys pictures.

Other good news, Ubay is official a branch, wahoo!!!!  So that means they are now looking for a different place to have church.  It been really cool to see our little group progress so much that we are now a branch.  Sacrament meeting was really cool too.  Our mission president came and talked about how before Ubay was randomly cut out of our mission boundaries and wasn't in the boundaries of anyone's mission.  They talked about how the devil was trying to keep the saints here from receiving blessing.  But now they have corrected that and there are 2 sets of missionaries here.  What a blessing it is to be able to serve here.

As well we were able to see the elders have a baptism this week.  I love baptisms, the spirit is always so strong and it makes you so excited about the work.  The work really is hastening and it is such a blessing to be able to witness that.  

I love you all and hope you are well and your testimonies are strong.  Keep on enduring to the end!

Sister Hancock

P.S.  The first picture is our branch presidency, the missionaries and my mission president and his wife when we became a branch.  We are standing outside of our apartment/church.  The second is the elders baptism.

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