Sunday, September 14, 2014

Where in the World is Sister Annika Hancock?

Dear family,

another transfer  has come and passed and it again raises the question, where in the world is Sister Hancock?  Drum roll please........ CONSOLATION CEBU.  That is right, I got transfered back to the great island of cebu, only this time I actually live on cebu island and not on lapu-lapu island.   My area is really city and apparently our church has an elevator?  Which is completely COMPLETELY different then Ubay. My new companion is Sister Wolfe, an american.  I am excited I will hopefully send you cool pictures of my area later!

So as for the happenings of this week, well I did get to do something really cool.  I get to ride a carabo for the first time (which is an animal here that kind of looks like a bull that they use for plowing fields).  It was pretty legit.  I also got to drink carabo milk, which was the best milk I have had since I have been here, it was almost like milk back home (the milk here is really gross, all the have is powdered milk mostly).

As for the spiritually things, Lita came to church again wahoo!  She has a problem with priesthood so that is why she has yet to agree to be baptized, but tuesday we had a really good lesson about the book of mormon.  The spirit was really there, so we are hoping things go well, but I guess I would really get to see since I got transferred, that is the sad part of transfers is leaving everyone. It was really sad leaving the pinero family and brother dedios as well

Other then that I literally traveled for 8 hours today in order to get to cebu, and I had to pack all of my stuff this morning, so I am really exhaust, but I got a chance to take a picture of the boat we ride to get to cebu for you all.  I hope you enjoy that.

Anyways because my head is on low battery (that is how filipinos say they have a head ache, just a little bit of info for you)  I am cutting this email short.   But know I love you and am praying for you all and miss you all.

I love you

Sister Hancock

sorry I always forget to include them with the email, but this is the boat we rode today

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