Sunday, September 28, 2014

Merry Christmas

Dear family,
The "ber" months, or september, here brings the start of christmas, but now things are getting serious.  Everyone has decorations everywhere and christmas music is always playing as well.  We also have a very small christmas tree in our apartment  And I though american who started listening to christmas music after halloween where crazy.
So it has been a good week.  First we went on splits with the STL's which was fun, as always.  We also had our bishops helper come to church again, we still haven't been able to teach her because our cellphone got stolen... So we had no idea where our bishop lived, and we had no way of telling them we couldn't come... So they kind of got mad at us... But its all good everything is worked out now after we told them our cellphone got stolen.  That was honestly the first time a filipino has ever gotten mad at me, I hope that never happens again.  Other then that we have gotten 2 referral from our ward that seem to have a lot of potential so hopefully the will progress.
As for my crazy tracting story of the week.  Well as usually we were going door to door, and we ran into this nanay who was doing her laba, we asked if we could teach her and she just pointed to the chair, so we sat down quite unaware if we were teaching or not.  Eventually her and her husband came and sat down so we started the lesson.  Halfway through the lesson the neighbor came over and her husband went and started talking to her.  We continued teaching and then and one point when I stop talking, Sister Wolfe didn't start talking, I looked over at her at she was staring at tatay, I looked at tatay and he was doing witch doctor vodo stuff to heal his neighbors son.  Needless to say we quickly ended the lesson and left laughing.  First time I have actually seen witch doctor vodo stuff.
Oh also a random fact for the day, whenever I try to speak in a different american accent it always comes out in bisaya, I don't know why... I think there is something messed up with my brain...

Anyways I love you all, I hope you are doing great and staying happy!
Sister Hancock

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