Monday, September 22, 2014

Missionary Life, take 1

To my beautiful family, 

That is a very true statement,when ever I show anyone your guys picture they  always talk about how I have a gorgeous family.  Anyways I heard something that was really funny today that I thought I would share, I might be overly missionary humor for you guys, so I don't know if you guys can handle it. But here it goes.  We were talking about how many languages there are in the philippines and then one of the missionaries that lives in our apartment said, "Philippines must have done so serious work with the tower of babel."  And I laughed.

Anyways this week has been really good. I am really enjoying my new area, and the ward is really supportive here, things actually operate how they should, which is a miracle here in the philippines.  We also get people the work with us which we haven't really been able to get in my last areas.

So we were able to teach Jerum again this week.  (He was the one who prayed for people to come and help him change his life and then he saw the missionaries outside tracting and stopped them and asked him to teach him.)  It was such a good lesson, the spirit was so strong and he had soo many good questions.  He is fantastic.  We have also been able to see success with our other investigator, so it has been really good here.

Other then that we do a lot of tracting.  Which we get some pretty funny stories from that.  I am going to tell you guys about one experience but sister wolfe is a lot better at telling stories them I am so I am going to quote her.  "i love tracting because it give a lot of funny stories to tell. One time while we were tracting we ran into this crazy old nanay (old lady/mom), that had 4 toes on one foot and caught me staring at it every time. There was also poop on the floor which could have very well been human poop.  She insisted that we see her new grandchild who was born the previous week, but I had suspicions that her real intentions were kidnapping. Nanay burst into the room where the childs parents where sitting.  The father was an american who looked up shocked because nanay had just burst into the room and yelled out 'gosh dang it nay, can some one pleeeease get me my pants' "
Anyways, to make the story short a lot of awkward things happen all the time  in the philippines.

Anyways I hope you are all doing well. I love you all so much and hope you have an amazing week.

Love you tons!!!

Sister Hancock

P.S. the first picture is typical sister wolfe and then the next picture is a nanay in our ward who always works with us, she is fantastic.

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