Monday, September 1, 2014

The ocean is a great place for a baptism

Dear family,

I hope this email finds you happy and excited to go back to school.  As for me I still have a year before I have to go back to school.  That is one of the advantages of serving a mission haha.

So this week has been really great!  The pinero family officially got baptized wahoo!!!  We were really blessed that day because it was high tide so they got to stay in close to do the baptism.  It was a really big blessing because the elders baptism before was low tide and we couldn't really see, much less hear what was going on.  But during their baptism we got to hear and see everything which was great.  The spirit was so strong too.  It was so cool to see a whole family get baptized together, that really is what missions are about. Helping families live together forever.  I am so glad we have that blessing.  It was really cute as well because after wards when they bore their testimony, Sister Pinero wrote her testimony so she could give it in bisaya.  The branch (we are a branch now wahoo!) was also really great because a lot of them came even though we have to go really far away to get clean ocean (the ocean by ubay is really gross as in if you walk in it with an open wound you could die, really REALLY gross), anyways they came and they gave their talks in tagalog so that they could understand.  I am starting to kind of a little bit understand tagalog, its great.

Other then that the work continues to progress.  Our current second counselor used to be less-active (probably because he lives an hour away from the church),  but ever since he has found out he was going to be the second counselor he has come to church every sunday. and for the past two sunday his wife has come with him as well.  She is not a member, so we are trying to really focus on them, its hard because they are always busy and they live an hour away from us (and riding on a motorcycle for an hour is kind of exhausting), but they are really really good!

Other then that I am doing really well.  I learn and grow everyday, although thankfully I am not yet fat.  I also still continue to eat new foods (I ate a salted egg yesterday, we looked really gross but it was actually completely fine) and still love living here and serving a mission.  I hope you are all happy.  Continue to be the great people you are! I love you all so much!

Sister Hancock

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