Monday, June 9, 2014

pwede ko mosulat sa bisan unsa ug wala mo nakasabut, nindot! naa ko'y tanan gahum

To my huge loving family,

So secret out, the only reason sometimes I write my subjects in bisaya is because I can't really think of anything cool to say in english and knowing bisaya automatically make me cooler. I can't wait for the day when I can put "I speak the language of bisaya fluently" on my resume, and then the employer responds "what I have never even heard of this language, she is so cool we are going to hire her instantly".  Or that is what I keep telling myself will happen since there is pretty much no use for this language I have put so much time and effort into after my mission.

So sorry if the email is slight more boring then my other emails.  Sister Salima continues to feel very sick so I have had plenty of time to clean our apartment and you know do language study and... I don't really know what else I have done, just try to use my time productively I guess haha.

But we do have some good news from this week that I will share with you.  We dated Worley, you know like the missionary way, like gave him a baptismal date, geez guys.  So his planned baptismal date in the 27 which is sweet and he is progressing nicely.

We also got to teach the Matas familys father this week.  They want to be baptized but they need the permission of their father/husband to be baptized so we are focusing on teaching him as well.  He is really great.  I was kind of scared to teach him to be honest but it was a really awesome lesson.  He has a ton of questions which I like in an investigator, but it also scares me sometimes because they could start using tagalog halfway through and would have no idea what they are asking, (he actually did that but then realized we didn't speak tagalog haha, I just thought during that that I really need to work on my bisaya, but no worries all of his questions were answered hopefully acceptably.)

As far as living in the philippines update, so when I first got here I would always wake up at 530 in the morning because its so hot so I tried to train myself to sleep with out a sheet, I have no accomplished that but now I wake up at 500 in the morning because it is so hot.  Oh and we had a brown out yesterday (which means there was no power at all until 5), so church was kind of interesting because the piano didn't work so we sung acapella and I couldn't hear a single word any of the speakers said.  But I guess thats life in the philippines.

Anyways I love you all so very much.  I wish you all good health and good summer fun.  Love you tons.

Sister Hancock

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