Sunday, June 15, 2014

Missions, Marriage and more (i hope you guys appreciated that I was creative in english this time)

Dear Family,

Haha thank you all for putting read Kelsey's email first, however I honestly didn't read any of your headers until after I read kelsey's email because I was so confused by what she met... Even after living in the philippines I am still as blond as ever.  But she is engaged!  That is so weird, but so cool.  Someone should tell Brandon he needs to email me if he is going to be my brother soon.  I am sure you are all freaking out because I know I am!!!

So this week has been good.  Worley's interview is this week which is exciting, and transfers are also this week.  I thought I was going to leave this area, but now they have plans to split my area because they want to make a branch in cordova in a year or so (which is very ambitious to say the least since we pretty much have no members in my area).  So I might actually stay and kind of open an area, we will see what happens.  But either way I am excited!

Also we found a new less active this week whose dad was apparently the first person baptized in cebu, so you know that is pretty cool.  (I am pretty sure that the Philippines is the only country where while you are tracting half-way through the lesson people say "oh ya I was baptized as a mormon before, then I back slid."  They always say back slid in english, its funny.  But that has happen twice while I have been here.  We also have to do this thing right now where we are looking for address unknown, which means we look for less actives who have been lost because they moved or something.  Anyways sorry that was a random tangent.)

Oh also apparently filippino's consider mayo a filling, because I think I have already told you how they have bakeries everywhere and you can just buy fantastic bread rolls at any time.  Well anyways I was buying bread and I asked the "what is filling", oh a word I don't understand that is normal, so I was like sige I will try it.  I bit into it and I got a mouth full of mayo, it was awful.  So if you all come here look out for that haha.

Anyways I love you, I know this church is true and I know the gospel blesses our lives so much so keep up the good work!

Sister hancock

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