Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A day in the life of a missionary

My beloved ones!!!!!

haha so this week was again full of a lot of firsts. I have tried so many things this week it has been great!  First off, that restaurant we went to with filipino food, it wasn't even close.  The food here is so good!  They make the best meat ever, and I am learning to eat with my hands since in some situations that is the polite thing to do haha.  You really enjoy it more when you eat with your hands.  Hopefully I will learn how to make good chicken adobo so I can make it for all of you when I get home.

We also had our first baptism this week.  That was really cool!  We taught a 9 year old boy named long-long whose parents are less active, and then both he and his brother got baptized on the same day.

I also had my first split with the Sister trainer leader, which initially I was really scared for because I had only been in the mission for a week and she was a Filipina.  But once we got out there and started teaching my confidence grew a lot so I am talking more now more which is good!

As far as the language I am become much better at picking out where individual word start and when they end when filipinos speak.  When they speak I can sometimes get the just of the conversation so that is good.  But when  I speak it is coming a lot more fluently and I don't have to think so much before speaking so that is good news.  When we have a lot of lessons in one day though I get so exhausted from trying so hard to listen.  I come home and just want to sleep.

For other news, I am working on my filipino squat.  They just sit in this squat position for forever while we teach and I can't do it for very long right now.  But my companion did say my mannerisms are a lot like a filipino which I have been working on so that is good news.  It is just so much easier to raise you eyebrows then nod when responding to a conversation, Try it, You will never go back haha.

I love you all and know that the Lord has been blessing my life a ton, and I pray that he is blessing yours!

Your all time favorite missionary,

Sister Hancock

P.S one of the pictures is a bridge that connects the island we work on and the island we live on.  We had no idea they were separate until recently because it just looks like a river haha

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