Saturday, February 15, 2014

Last Week


Man I get to talk to you this Monday, I am soo excited.  I am also leaving for the Philippines this Monday in case you didn't know haha.  I guess it pretty cool.  Just kidding I am sooo stoked to leave!!! I randomly get excited every now and the and have little freak out sessions, ask my companions.

Anyways this week has been fairly different that my average week here.  Yesterday we had in field orientation which pretty much you are in classes all day from 8am-5pm learning about key indicators, and how to work with members, and different things like that.  I liked it a lot and they tried to make it really entertaining for us so that was cool.

Want to hear something nerve rack I was asked to do though?  Me and my companions were ask to demonstrated how to begin teaching to all the new missionaries.  Pretty much they just have this class on your first day with 50ish missionaries and they watch us teach, and then half way through the instructor stopped us and let the new missionaries teach.  It was pretty scary, but it was a fun experience!

Also one thing really cool that a member of our branch presidency pointed out was that while we have been in the MTC, we have had most of the members of the executive missionary counsel speak to us.  He said in all the years he has been there no one has ever had that.  The missionary counsel talks about missionaries every day really knows what we nees, so we were so blessed to have them come.  They talk about gaining a testimony, working with the members, and the doctrinal reason of why people would want to join our church.   Our branch presidency said there was obviously something that this group of missionaries needed to learn from them before going in the feild. I feel so blessed to have been taught by them before leaving on my mission.

Anyways, I love being on a mission.  I love all of you.  I know this gospel is true, and I love that I have the opportunity of sharing it!

Love you,

Sister Hancock

P.S. One of the Picture I sent you is the sister who is from Bohol and is going to the orem mission, so look out for her those who live in logan:)

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