Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Philippines. . .

Dearest Ones who read my email,

So week one in the Philippines... I have definitely had many adventures.  For one, I ate bolut on Saturday.  Before you get all impressed with me it was only 16 day bolut which isn't bad at all.  But no one told me that so I was all game for eating bones and feathers, haha maybe later.

Our house is also a lot nicer then I thought it was going to be, which was nice for the adjustment.  It is really small, but only me and my Nanay live there so we don't need a lot of space.  It's funny though because our neighbors always are blasting music.  That one thing about the Philippines is people are always blasting music, and so during lesson we never have peace, there is always some distraction which is funny.

So anyways I am currently in Lapu -Lapu which is the farthest south mission on Cebu Island.  I love it here.  The people here are so amazing.  And we see a lot of success here because people are so willing to just talk to you.  It makes me really sad because a lot of the homes we go to are really poor.  One of the families we teach has an infestation of mosquitoes by there house so there skin is completely covered in sores, it's so sad.  I also have gotten many mosquito bites while being here, but apparently that's normal for new people because I guess we are new meat or something.

Anyways, as I was saying the faith of the people here is so great.  We have been teaching this lady named Roxylane.  We have only taught her twice, but in the first lesson she tried to give us tea and we explained that we couldn't drink tea, and then our next visit she told us she had completely gotten rid of all of her tea.  She is so amazing!

My Nanay is from Layton, UT.  Her name is Sister Davis and she has been in the Philippines for 3 transfers, so she is training really early.  Because we both are American we get a lot of attention and stares, which is nice for missionary work.  Then everyone is always surprised that she speaks Cebuano and that she speaks it so well.  I don't really speak much because it is hard to follow conversations, or at least when Filipino's talk, when she talks it's fine haha.  But that is probably the hardest part of being here is the language, but I am learning.  I am starting to pick out words the filipinos say when they talk so that is good news!

Anyways I love you all, and I hope that you are doing well and feeling gods blessings for you!

Sister Hancock

P.S.  The Pictures are of me eating Bulot and me and my Nanay

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