Sunday, October 12, 2014


To my fellow hancocks, and those who happen to be of another last name as well,

The mission continues to be a great place to learn and to grow. 

So we are continuing to teach Analyn (the helper of our bishop) she was able to go to conference this weekend which was cool.   But anyways it is cool to see how much she has progressed, last time we taught her she talked about how different this church is. (we were scared when we started teaching her that she would be super shy, because she is shy with everyone else, but she has turned out to be way talkative which has been really good while teaching here.)  Anyways she was talking about how member of this church talk about how much the have changed because of this gospel, and she has notice a difference between members and others and she said she wants that for her self.  I really really just love her.  After we teach her, bishop always feeds us, and him and sister wolfe both have a goal to make me as fat as possible.  They are constantly piling rice on my plate and sister wolfe just sits there laughing the whole time... Companions haha...

As well we got to watch conference this weekend which was super cool.  I loved how they let people give talks in their native language, what a cool thing the church is doing!  That is one thing I love about the gospel, that no matter what continent you go to, no matter what language the gospel is taught in, it is the same everywhere.  And no matter what type of people listen, no matter their background or life situation, well all find peace and comfort from the same principles.  What a beautiful thing.  I hope you all found answers to your prayers during conference and you all apply the teachings and counsel of our living prophet, because they truely do receive revelation directly from god, and god, our heavenly father, truely knows what is best for us.

I love you all so much.  Thank you for your strong testimonies and the way you live the gospel.  Keep it up, god needs each and every one of us for his work her.

I love you all,

Sister Hancock

P.S the first picture is me and sister wolfe eating a vanilla and milk fudgee bar.  We have had a goal to find the two together and compare them side by side.  We were both extremely excited when our dream had finally been realized that day.

The second is only in the philippine in the place where it tells you not to try to catch a jeepney, would be the only place where people are gathered around trying to catch a jeepney.

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