Wednesday, October 29, 2014



How are you all doing?  I am doing well.  Got a new companion and we also moved apartments.    Us and the elders switched apartments and I still can't really figure out why.  But its a good apartment, I miss our apartment but you know you can't always be too choosy.  

As for my new companion, she is really nice.  Everything I told you about her is correct.  She also really loves missionary work and is a really hard worker, and really wants to help people.  I am going to learn a lot from her.

As for the area, I still really love our ward.  They seriously are like the best.  And, guess what?  Jerum came to church!!!  (I told you guys about him before, the one who prayed that people would come help and change his life)  His mom told us he got a job a worked all the time, so we couldn't teach him.  (people here in the philippines sometimes have to work literally all day every day, its really sad.)  But we passed by his house on Saturday and he was there, and apparently it was only a temporary job, so we got to teach him, and then he came to church, and the ward literally instantly befriended him, it was a beautiful thing.  As far as analyn, she comes to church all the time, tells some people she is a mormon now, but still hasn't accepted baptism.  We honestly can't really figure it out, but she is so progressing, and I really think it will be soon, hopefully.

Other then that I am doing really well.  And time keeps flying by.  I love you all and forgive me that this letter is shorter, its just hard to write an email after 4 days.  Also forgive me for not sending picture.  We have been warned that these computers have a history of deleteing pictures, so we are currently looking for a different internethan.

I love you all so very much!

Sister Hancock

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