Thursday, January 9, 2014

Annika didn't have a Pday last week, but this was the letter she sent:

Dear Family,
I am writing for three reasons.  First and for most, I love you so very much, second both the mission president and my branch president greatly stressed writing you guys ASAP, and third being the forgetful person I am I forgot my temple recommend.
The MTC is serious way awesome! It is the oddest thing even though I have been here for two days I feel like I have been here for forever.  And don't worry even though I was sobbing when I left you guys I stopped crying when I got here and everything has been great.
My companions (I am in a tricompanionship) are some of the sweetest girls and have some of the strongest testimonies I have met.  I have already learned so much from them (I know it has only been a day and a half, but you have to remember I feel like I have been here forever). Sister Clegg is my first companion and she lived in Kaysville(she was really good friends with Rex haha).  Afterwards she went to BYU (Everyone in my district went to BYU even though they are from lots of different states.) She was originally assigned to Tacloban mission, but got reassigned to the Cebu East Mission.  She ran cross county in high school and is really a great girl.
My favorite part so far has been the language class.  It sounds so nerdy, but I have so much fun in it.  My teach is so animated and has so much energy that it makes the class really exciting.  Tomorrow we teach an investigator.  Wish me luck.  I still have to look at my notes when I pray, so hopefully it goes well.  Oh and Thursday is my p-day so you can expect an email then.  Today was supposed to be my p-day, but they didn't give us a p-day so we had additional studytime for a very long time.  We also didn't have a gym time so right now all I want to do is run.  I love ya guys so much and I keep you in my prayers.  Keep spreading the gospel by being the great examples you are and look for missionary opportunities cause the gospel is so beneficial to everyones life.  I love you sooooooo much!!!
Sister Hancock
PS My MTC address slightly changed because we are leaving earlier.  Probably because we now have to take a boat to Cebu after the typhoon, so more traveling wahoo ha ha !!!  I am excited to see so much of the Philippines!

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