Friday, January 10, 2014

Kamusta mga pamilya!

Sorry If i didn't get time to write you personally back.  I had no idea how fast an hour can go by, it is crazy.  But I will try to write you a letter today if I have time.  Also sorry I told you I was going to write you yesterday.  They actually changed our schedule this week so my pday is now friday.  My schedule is I go to breakfast at around 7 then go to class right after, then go to the gym, then lunch, then class, then studying for the rest of the night.  Studying at night is hard because your mind is already completely exhausted from learning cebuano all day, so my zone has a hard time studying.  But it has been good because me and my companions are teaching an extra investigator at that time.  He is a gold tag investigator which means some gold tags are actually real investigators but I don't know if he is real or not haha.  But anyway he came up to us while we were walking and asked us if we would teach him so of course we said yes!  He said he felt like there was something we would teach him so it has been good.  His name is Jorge.

But the MTC is seriously so great.  I will take away any mystery you might see about the MTC.  Pretty much I just am in the same class room with four white walls all day.  But the spirit is so strong all the time I am learning so much!  Especially on the Cebuano part of things.  Whenever I get time to relax cebuano words just randomly run through my head. Sometimes I can even understand them haha.  I feel really good about how my cebuano has progressed through out this week.  We have been teaching lessons.  They are very simple lessons, which I am actually very grateful for because it helps me realize just how simple but deep this gospel is.  And by the end of the week we could understand what mildred (my old investigator who is now my teacher haha) was saying and after a lot of thought and creativity answer her back.  My companions and I have also been doing this thing where we can only speak in Cebuano in the mornings.  A lot of times we are confused what each other is saying, but eventually we get the point across.  

One thing that has really made my testimony grow is I can feel how much god has strengthen me while I have been here.  He has help me have the ability to learn more then I could ever on my own.  I sort of tried to study Cebuano before I was here and it took me forever to remember any words.  But while I have been here I memorized our missionary purpose in Cebuano in like 30 minutes I think.  I feel like Alma I think it was when he was talking about how in his own strength he can do nothing, but with the lord we can do all things.  It has really been a big testimony builder for me.

Oh and the Cebuano word of the day is C.R.  You say it like you would it english haha, it means bathroom ( it stands for comfort room).  And to say go to the bathroom you would say mag-C.R. It is seriously the most funny language every.  When you are counting you use cebuano numbers, when you tell time you use spanish numbers, and if its over 100 you use english number random right?  I love it though.  And I love the MTC.  But most of all I love you and keep you in my prayer.  Keeping working hard and sharing the gospel.  

Sister Hancock

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