Friday, January 17, 2014

It's the moment you have been waiting for. . .

To my adoring fans,

First off, I love you!  

Second I guess I will start with a funny story before I get into the serious stuff.  Once upon a time there was a sister missionary, who wanted to SYL (speak your language), and she didn't know any insults.  So in a joking manner she called her companion the devil (because that is a word a missionary would know) in Cebuano.  Come to find out the devil is equivalent to the f word in Cebuano... Lets just say she is really glad she found that out before she got to the field...

Anyway, this week has been really great.  There has been less of an emphasis on the language because right now we are learn teaching techniques.  It has been a really great growing experience.  We teach two people in cebuano in the morning, and now we teach 3 other investigators, which is really crazy because we are always teaching.  2 of those investigator are not a part of the church, and they get paid to be investigators at the MTC.  The first one is Leah who has grown up in Utah her whole life and has a big problem with mormon culture rather then our beliefs.  She also has anxiety problems.  Some of the sisters in our zone were teaching her before and when they left she asked if we could teach her so of course we said yes.  Its hard because she really doesn't like when you try to teach her, but the spirit was really strong in our last lesson and after what she told us it is really easy to see that god is working in her life to bring her closer to him.  I am glad I get to be a part of it

The other on we are teaching is Sarah.  She is from New Hampshire and is going to BYU right now.  We eat dinner with her a lot and she is so funny because she tells us all these stories of discussions she has had.  Apparently she keeps and air freshener in her room in case she has elders teach her because when they get nervous they really sweat.  But it has been a really great experience teaching her and I love how I can feel the spirit as we testify of truth.

On another note, this week Elder Bednard came and talk to us.  He came on christmas and just had missionaries ask question and then he answered them, so this time he answer some of the questions he missed.  It was so good to hear from an apostle of the lord.  Also my district has been sick all week and I am hoping I don't catch it.

I love you all!!!  This church is true and by living by it principle it is the only way to find happiness!  Keep progressing in you relationship with god!

The family member you love the most,
Sister Hancock

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