Friday, January 24, 2014

Week 3

My Dearest Family Who I love so much!!!

So guess what, I met a sister from Bohol (an island in my mission) who was going to the orem mission, so she will be in logan.  We pretty much just switched places.  But it was so cool to meet her.  She was so short and she raised her eye brows to respond yes to my questions (they have that and other cool mannerism that you will probably get to witness when I get home from my mission), and in that moment I felt like I was in the philippines.  Okay not really, but It was still really awesome.

Who wants to hear my latest slip with cebuano?  Well during class we were learning about different conjugations and I asked if there was and ihi conjugation (which if you knew what was happening it was a perfectly normal conjugation, or so I thought).  Then my teacher asked, "what did you say" and I was like "Ihi" then all 3 of my teachers started cracking up and I had no idea why.  Well apparently to say it in a nice missionary way it was #1.  Who would have thought.  And to think I will have many more of these stories to come when I get to the feild.

So we are still teaching Lea which has been a really good learning experience for us.  I really wish I had facebook in my mission so I could stay in touch with her, but oh well.  She complains about how many missionaries facebook her, but I know she really likes it.  She is such a strong person and such a great example to me.

One thing I have also gained  a testimony of this week is the lord will give you in the very minute what you need to say.  We had a day were we were teaching lessons all day and literally had no time to prepare for any of them (which is especially hard in Cebuano).  But when we got in there in each moment we were guided by the spirit and we taught some of the best lessons we have ever taught.  In TRC on of the RM said in our review that he hasn't felt the spirit that strong in a long time.  It was so cool, and it gave me a testimony that god will help me meet what I am required to do.

I love you all and hope you are happy.  Like one of my companions said (sister Clegg) while we were studying the plan of salvation, " Can we just take a second to really appreciate that god has given us this plan to be happy, and if we follow it we will be happy.  How happy is that?"  Be happy and notice the miracles in everyday life.  I love you!

Sister Hancock

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